Angling by Trevor Johnson: October 3

Lorcan Smith
Lorcan Smith

By the time you read this Michael Buchwilder will have won this year’s five grand Drennan KO cup – or be nursing a £1,000 ‘consolation’ prize.

Throughout the summer he has been fighting his way through a series of knock-out rounds, all the way to this week’s two-man two-day final clash with Lee Kerry.



And at the end of day one on Worcestershire’s Docklow Pools, as this column was going to press, he’d built a commanding lead.

He had made a slow start in a scum and leaf covered swim. But our man on the bank, John Hewison, there lending moral support, said: “He began catching some ‘zoo creatures (very big fish) and finished up leading by 144lb to 75. Now it is all down to tomorrow’s match.”

Just look at the smile on Lorcan Smith’s face. That is what happens when you are just 12 years old and bag a 17-8 common from MKAA’s Tear Drops.

And it was more big smiles as MK Angling Centre closed for good, Saturday, with ace maggot-riddler Geraldine and proprietor Brian Haynes heading for, hopefully, happy retirements – having emptied the shop in a month-long sale.

For the rest of us it is the sad end of a Bletchley tradition – there had been a tackle shop on the site for more than 40, unbroken, years. Good luck to you both. Thanks for all your service and help.

MKAA’s six-month Individual league concluded on the Toombes Ouse with Paul Abbott on 10-9-8 (bits), as Lee Jones made 10-3-8 and Kevin Osborne 8-13. Ernie Sattler was series champ (111 points) with Osborne on 87 and Alan Ford 53.

Osprey’s Rolfe’s lake carp fest saw Nick Woody with 179-9, Dave Lewis 146-12 (just 9 fish) and Steve Wates 133-4. Rob Napper was sixth – but set a new PB with a 23-8 common, on a pole at that.

With the co-operation of the Parks Trust, Bob Valentine and Alan Ford worked a fair part of Friday making swims fishable on Toombes, Hollands, and the lower end of Brush Mill. If they are not quite where you would wish, don’t grateful.

Towcester’s travels took them to Flecknoe where Kev Elliott had a runaway win with 82-12. Les Goodridge 35lb and Tony ‘I’m so good’ Hirst 31-10.

MK vets, Furzton, midweek: Terry Lancaster 17lb, John Hewison 12-9, Dave Lewis 11-12.

DATS, Stony main Ouse (mostly perch): Paul Chapman 11-11, Colin Chart 8-3, Ernie Sattler 7-10.

CALVERT, Claydon lake: Jim Lewis 10lb, Mark Penwell 5-8, David Lewis 5-2.

LINFORD, wilderness cut: Eamon Burke 4-15, John Hough 3-13-8, Didder Hefferon 3-6.

MK Juniors, Willowbridge cut: Adam Dale 2-9, Cameron Nisbett 2-3.

Fixtures: Saturday, ‘Bucko’ charity match, Holly Farm 07761 133169; Sunday, Towcester open, Castlethorpe cut 07915 613862; October 12, charity open Stoke-Yardley canal, £10 ticket includes breakfast and post-match buffet 07803 209099; Tues Oct 15 Olney Ouse open 01234 240061.