Angling by Trevor Johnson: Pre-Christmas feeding spree

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Match anglers found shoals of Ouse silverfish in feeding mode around Wolverton and Stony this week.

Paul Chapman was one who bagged up – winning DATS’ Christmas match with 14-3 of roach and perch from the club’s ‘island’ stretch.

And Rus Nash took second with 9-4 of bits as Pete Whatley had 8-2 and Steve Schubert (who won last week’s MKAA fur and feather just upstream) made fourth with 7-7.

Further downstream on Whitings and Stone Park eight visiting White Hart Dagenham rods totalled some 35lb as Barry Neal (three chub to 4-3 plus bits) had 13-9, Ray Collins 5-10 and Mick Elsom 4-10.

Everyone managed, at some point, to catch gudgeon, small roach, dace and perch.

MK vets’ festive sweep saw 25 entrants lined up on the Calverton Road, Brushmill and Hollands sections – a match won by John Harvey with 10-14 of small stuff followed by Ernie Sattler 6-2, Pete Whatley 5-14 and Mick Reynolds 5-10.

But it wasn’t only Ouse roach which were feeding. John Hough topped Linford’s C’pn Morgan canal do with 10-8 – more than 8lb of which was prime punch roach. Steve Dorrill and Steve Funnell tied on 3lb apiece.

And Towcester’s town Tove saw Les Goodridge win that club’s sweep on 10lb of quality roach (and one perch) on the punch as Tosh Saunders had 6-4 and Andy Jones 6lb – a welcome uplift compared with recent results from the Shutlanger area!

But things weren’t so hot downstream on Olney’s Ouse where Nigel Porter won a 27-pegger on 4-6 – though 3-6 of that was one perch. Nigel Bass had 3-9, Keith Ford 3-8.

Following last week’s ‘fish fest’ on Buckingham’s Woodfield lake, it was dire service as normal for Calvert when they tried Hill Farm at Hogshaw where Dave Ridgeway had 5-9, Dave Lewis 1-10 and Derek Bishop 0-10. The rest did not weigh!

Meanwhile Towcester vets’ Castlethorpe Navvi cut do went to John Balhatchett with 5lb as Graham Martin netted 3-12 and Graham Green 2-15.

Osprey visited Lakeside, near Towcester, Sunday. But instead of bagging up as is their norm they took tools rather than rods and spent the day upgrading the 24 platforms and making sure they are all permanently numbered for the new year. Well done those lads.

Flashback to the good times. For some it was something of a ‘quiet’ summer on the Furzton carp front. But not for others.

This picture, which has been loitering in my in box for too long now, shows Pete Newell and Neil Richardson with – judging by Neil’s sign language – their 50th fish in a 52 carp haul.

And what a haul! Between them they landed 800lb in their 48 hour stint... which is almost one third of a ton!

Will they, or someone else, beat those figures in 2014? Best start planning your campaign now!

Happy Christmas folks.

Fixtures: January 1 MKAA ‘hangover’ Ouse open 07703 556788.