Angling by Trevor Johnson: September 20

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IMAGINE going to help steward a match... and coming back with a silver medal round your neck as manager of a successful team GB side!

That’s what happened to John Hewison (left in the picture) when, arriving to help run a railway workers’ international angling champs – with sides from as far afield as Russia – he was appointed at very short notice as GB team coach.

Staged every four years, this weekend’s two-day USIC event included matches on the Evesham Avon and Makins fishery, with the Brits missing gold to France by just two points. Among those fishing for the home side was MK’s world veterans star Terry Lancaster (right in the picture).

Back home and wondering if it had all been a dream, John said: “It was something you have to experience to appreciate. The opening ceremony was like the Olympics with all the teams marching in to the accompaniment of their national anthems.”

Lodge lake bream were on the feed for Sunday’s MKAA club get-together as Pete Patton (pictured) won with 57-6 as Mark Haynes had 48-15 and Mick Harnett 27-6. Ian Smith, drawn on the ‘golden peg’ – now worth £291 in next month’s round – had looked as though he was up for the money but, after five quick bream, his swim just died.

Towcester’s Wappenham Water (Silver Lake) do went to Matt Brafield – 10 carp for 51lb – as Les Goodridge had 29-8 and Paul Keele 16-6. But in the Towcester vets’ midweeker at Stockton, with big carp not counting, George Cooke won with 39-8 of crucians. Roach dominated the rest of the frame with Tom Wheldon 22-8 and Graham Martin 15-8.

Neil Riddy’s two-day festival, Rolfe’s lake, Essex, saw Simon Mound draw end pegs BOTH days to win with 436lb. Dan Clarke had 367 and Malcolm Doyle 312.

Adam Barwick’s 12-8-12 has moved Olney’s Ouse barbel record up a notch. Tuesday’s club match went to Len Wallis with 17-4 (three bream) followed by Neil Shearn with 13-3 and Roy Hefferon 9-14.

Dave Tebbutt topped Newport’s Abbey Pits open with 16-3 with Steve Drakulic on 12-13 and Jack Jones 12-10.

Dominated by carp, Calvert’s sweep on Buckingham’s Woodfield lake went to James Lewis 29-1. John Weatherall had 15-11 and Mark Penwell 10-14.

It was quite a party when Brian Haynes, Paul ‘Skippy’ Buckley, Steve Schubert and Nigel Lawrie fished the Hampton Loade Severn... and they also landed 35 barbel from 4lb to 9-14 over three evenings.

In a wind-swept 24 hours on Furzton, Giles Deering had seven carp to 17lb – on pop-ups fished between 50 and 120 yards out.

Mick Hefferon won Linford’s Morgan canal length on 4-6. Paul Neave had 4-2-8 and Ron Dorrill 2lb.

MK vets found it hard on Stony Main where Dave Ridgeway had 3lb of bits, Kevin Osborne 2-13 and Mick Hefferon 2-6.

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