Angling by Trevor Johnson: September 6

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EVER wondered how many good bream there are in Lodge lake? Then talk to Bob Valentine who is still trying to believe what he saw with his own eyes.

Standing on the ‘steps’ to start MKAA’s summer league final leg the match secretary witnessed a seemingly endless procession of fish swimming past.

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“They were spread out, but the shoal was about 40 yards wide and must have taken 20 minutes to pass me, it was a huge quantity of fish,” said Bob.

Opposite him, Ampthill’s John Stutely picked off 26-12 of slabs to win, with team-mate Dave Gisbourne on 24-12 and MK Angling Centre White’s Mark Haynes 21-2.

Though last in the league, Ampthill made a real last hurrah in the final leg, winning the match four points clear of MK Maver Black.

The six teams of four series saw almost 1,000lb of fish landed over four matches – better than 10lb a man.

Final table: Maver Black 64, MK Angling Centre White 62, Maver Green 61, Olney 51, Angling Centre Black 50, Ampthill 47.

WHEN MKAA vice chairman Gary Maton (pictured) got a mullet, it wasn’t a dodgier than usual haircut...but a sample of the notoriously difficult to catch sea species.

Though not quite top of his ‘things to do before I die’ list, the capture did follow years of frustration failing to fool any of the ghostly shapes he’d frequently seen swimming around boats in Poole harbour, while on his numerous holidays.

But he finally cracked it last week, fishing floating crust carp-style to net this five-pounder, which went back alive.

SHOWN left in John Hewison’s picture is golden oldie star Ernie Satler, left, being presented with a trophy by Terry Valentine as MK Vets’ top points scorer over the past year.

DAVE Lewis won with 113lb of carp when Osprey fished Lakeside. Adam Griffiths had 85lb and Brenda Stent 83lb.

FISHING Tear Drop 4 Lee Montague netted a 20lb common, Tuesday.

FIVE carp for 38lb put Mark Read top of Towcester’s Canons Ashby bottom pond match as Graham Martin had 27-7 and Walt Ashby 24-14.

SOME 6-12 of hemp roach from Olney’s Ouse saw Pete Jeyes top the club’s Fiesta open as Jan Cebula, with a 5-1 tench, had 5-12 and Ian Benton 4-1.

WHEN George Metcalf wrecked his pole rig 30 minutes from the end of the Calvert, DATS, Linford and Beacon interclub on Tear Drops, he switched to double corn on the tip – and a 5+lb bream took his total to 8-12. Steve Chilton caught 8-2 and Mick Reynolds 5-13.

SOME say a full moon means poor fishing... and this has been a rare ‘blue moon’ month with two full ones in four weeks. Perhaps that’s part of the reason George Cooke could win Towcester vets’ Heron lake, Linford, do with just 7-5. Gerald Green had 5-8 and Walt Ashby 5-5.

AND in pouring rain on Clattercote, MK vets fared even worse in their float-only all-carp-count-as-a-pound sweep. Terry Lancaster netted 3-11, John Hewison 2-14 and Richard Lattimer 2-13.

FIXTURES: Saturday, Furzton ladies charity open and, next day, pairs open on Tear Drops 1 & 2, both in aid of Willen Hospice, call 01908 320007 for either.

Tuesday Sep 11, Olney open 01234 240061. Sept 23, Olney’s 60 peg Citizen Cup Ouse open – over £1,000 in prizes – call Two Brewers 01234 711393.

CATCHES or matches to report? Tell Trevor Johnson at or on 01908 270000.