Angling round-up 29-12

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NEVER mind turkey and plum duff – it was rod-bending time for many who took to the river banks over Christmas.

In a rare moment of glory Dave Partridge was setting the Ouse pace, Tuesday, on Olney’s section with a 4-11 tench, several perch to 1-10 and double figures of roach and dace.

Totalling close to 20lb he said: “I was really pleased to get the tench out on a single red maggot and size 20 hook.”

Upstream of Calverton road weir at Stony, on the same day, Mike Sando (pictured) had high double figures of roach to 10 ounces and dace to 6 ounces – all on single maggot. On the same section, Friday, I had four perch between 2lb and 2-5, plus a lot of smaller ones, while others fishing three fields down on Toombes’ were doing better still.

BUT when it came to the tiny Tove, Mick Goodridge was undisputed leader when – fishing above Towcester weir, Thursday, he bagged a dozen chub to well over 4lb, some perch and a couple off brown trout for better than 40lb.

Using worm and caster on the stick he was on a swim so narrow that a fitter bloke could have jumped it. A few pegs away Tosh Saunders had double figures of chunky dace – 82 fish in a short session.

TOWCESTER Vets’ Castlethorpe cut do saw John Balhatchett top with 6-11 of quality caster roach followed by Andy Jones 2-6 – 2-4 of which was one tench – and Mick Reed 2lb.

MK Vets’ Galleon canal sweep was a real sickener in every sense of the word – with fumes from a diesel slick leaving several entrants at the iron trunk end feeling decidedly ill by the end of the match. Gordon Metcalfe won with 2-6 ahead of Paul Chapman 1-6 and Jack Wilson 1-3.

HERE’ is an unhappy thought – what if the drought continues? Half way through the winter and, lacking any serious rain locally for best part of a YEAR now... fishery prospects are anything but good.

The Ouse, Ouzel and Tove must be at their lowest levels, by turn-of-the-year standards, in living memory.

The canal is at least six inches down with British Waterways’ feeder reservoirs – Drayton, Boddington etc – all way, way down at a time when they should be brim full. Even BW sucking water out of the Ouse at an alarming rate at Wolverton, and the Tove at Stoke, is making little difference to the cut.

Numerous lakes and ‘commercials’ are also at unhealthy lows. So, unless we get prolonged downpours of biblical proportions, the outlook for 2012 is not good...

FIXTURES: Jan 1 MKAA Hangover open, Stony Ouse 07703 556788. Jan 8 MK winter league first round, teams of 4, 07703 556788; also Towcester Tove open 01327 353263. Jan 15 Olney Ouse open 01234 240061.

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