Angling round-up: April 12

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THIS time last year local lakesides and the internet were alive with talk of this 37-13 monster common, pictured.

No one was questioning the weight, just which of two waters Neil Richardson had caught it from. And as ‘informed opinion’ and gossip veered back and forth between Willen and Caldecotte, he kept his head down in a bid to avoid ‘the circus’ descending on his prime pitch.

In fact both waters have huge fish growth potential, and had been stocked with fast-growing so-called ‘supacarp’, albeit Willen had them two or three years earlier. ‘Bivvy talk’ settled – by about 2-1 – in favour of Willen... but as is so often the case, was wrong.

For, stepping up to receive his best of the season MKAA AGM award last week, Neil had just formally confirmed that he’d banked it from Caldecotte. It’s probably a good two or three pounds heavier by now...

However, MKAA’s record (and that for a city balancing lake) is still Mick Dowsett’s 35-8 Furzton fish (2008/9 season) as Neil had been unable to get the required witnesses to his 2am catch.

The big cheque picture is not from Lady and the Tramp. It is retiring MKAA head bailiff Stuart Pemberton presenting £1,300 from last year’s Furzton Festival to Willen Hospice’s Lynn O’Gorman.

Known to thousands through his daily progress around city waters, Stuart has called it a day after almost 20 years. He and retiring secretary Bob Final have both been voted life-membership to mark their work.

Alders Easter festival saw the top five pick-up £1,700 in main prizes. ‘Ton-up’ carp catches on both days made Gary the Thorpe top dog overall with 233-2 as Malcolm Talbot had 226-5 and John WIncup 199-10.

MK Vets’ Furzton outing had few bream feeding. On an end peg Paul Barnes found four with for 18-10. Gordon Metcalf 5-9 and John Hewison 5-4-8... which put the latter third in the pairs despite not having a partner.

Newport’s Abbey pits open was a close do with Paul Abbott on 7-13 of roach, skimmers, bleak and dace, Eddie Train on 7-10 and Barry Glidewell 7lb.

Bairstows’ carp avoided the baits with hooks in as Terry Lancaster won Sunday’s open with 5-2 of bits. Mick Goodridge had 4-6 and Darren Panel 3-15.

Drawn on a golden peg in the MKAA club get-together, Chris Malia missed out on the accumulated £236 golden peg fund (GPF) when Paul Chapman beat him by one ounce, with 4-13-8, on the Navvi canal. Eamon Bourke had 3-13-8. So the GPF fund stays un-won until the next round.

Beacon’s Cosgrove cut do saw Les Smith with 4-14 of bits followed by Steve Emmerton 3-1.

Finally, the city’s crem was jam-packed for former Dot’s Tackle owner Pete Hannam’s funeral last week. Always look on the bright side of life (Life of Brian) and the Benny Hill theme produced tears of laughter...and just about summed up Pete’s chipper approach to adversity. RIP.

Catches or matches to report? Tell Trevor Johnson at or on 01908 270000.