Angling round-up: December 1

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CHUNKY Ouse perch have been queuing up to be caught for weeks – now they’re doing the same on the tiny Tove!

Sunday saw Grenville Reed drawn on the broadwater, just downstream of the old A43 bridge, in Towcester’s match and – with an hour to go – he’d got 4lb of roach.

Then the stripeys found his worm and caster... and at the whistle he had 19-8 to put on the scales. Others weren’t so lucky. Graham Martin had 4-4 and Andy Jones 4-2.

One of the few advantages of getting old – really old that is – must be having time to fish midweek veterans’ matches... and the MK crew made the most of that, Wednesday, on the Calverton Road and Brushmill Ouse.

Pegged above the weir Tony Richardson stormed to the top with the best local river perch match catch so far this season – 27-12 on worm. Alan Ford had 13-15 and, near Passenham footbridge, Ernie Sattler netted chub of 6-8 and 5-15 in his 12-12.

But Towcester vets didn’t get any pensioners’ perks from Linford pits Heron lake... as Graham Martin won with a 3 ounce roach on the whistle. Mick Reed had an ounce and the rest DNW.

In its second stocking of the year, MKAA added another £2,000 worth of small, fast-growing carp (some of which are pictured) and not so small tench into Bradwell Lake, the canal in the north of the city, and the Tear Drops. More are on order for next spring.

Top eight in White Hart Dagenham’s visit to Brush Mill and Toombes at Stony totalled 63-2-8. Dennis Walden won with 23-3 of perch to 2-13 followed by Dennis Walsden 12-5 (including a 4lb chub) and Martin Searle 7-9.

Upstream on the Ouse in Buckingham, Barry Witteridge scooped Calvert’s do with 14 perch for 13-2. James Lewis had 2-13. The rest DNW.

On Stony Main the latest Interclub4 saw DATS making a (mostly perch) clean sweep of a match which Linford, Beacon and Calvert also attended. Kevin Osborne had 7-8, Alan Ford 6-10 and Kevin Nightingale 6-6-8. Chris Malia had a 5lb chub for 4th.

Despite the canal being gin-clear in many places, a state exacerbated by reduced boat traffic thanks to repairs on Cosgrove lock, some bits are fishing well. Just north of MK at Stoke Bruerne, a Nene knock-up on long pound saw Baz Eaton with 8-6 of silvers and perch as Dave Gibbons had 5-2 and Paul Minney 5-1.

Big bagging Alders Farm at ‘Brickhill is one of 10 waters to be put forward by Angling Times newsdesk staff as candidates for that paper’s Stillwater of the Year Award. Launched in-paper on Tuesday, voting closes midnight Sunday. To click for the local go to AT’s website.

Fixtures: Saturday: MKAA Ouse fur & feather, last minute tickets on 07703 556788; also junior Christmas match Stoke Road canal, 01908 320007.

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