Angling round-up: December 15

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A NEW sign is going up over Alder’s Farm – ‘Angling Times Stillwater Fishery of the Year 2011’.

As flagged up in this column two weeks ago, the heavily-stocked ‘Brickhill commercial was one of 10 waters selected nationwide by AT newsdesk staff as a short-list for readers to vote on... and has topped the on-line poll.

Co-owner Dinah McMenamin said: “We’re really pleased as we’ve put a lot of effort in and put fish welfare top of the list, and people have just shown they appreciate what we’ve been doing.”

Organiser Trevor Price had to row a boat around breaking the ice before Saturday’s Alders’ open could get started. But the top three still all topped the ‘ton’ as Barry Mason had 136lb, Adam Waverly 114lb and Mick McMillen 102lb.

Neil Shearn had 10-13 followed by ‘Didder’ Hefferon on 9-2-8. Ernie is pictured post-match, by Ron Bull, being presented with the Payne trophy by the Two Brewers’ Christine Short.

Good old Bletchley boy Ernie Sattler was double lucky, Saturday. First he won Olney’s Ouse fur & feather with 11-1 of roach and dace. Then he got back out of town without being tarred and feathered by locals for being a cheeky interloper!

Big catches of perch there were not in DATS’ Stony Main Christmas match... though a few big perch were landed. Pete Whatley had three for 7-9 and Lee Jones two for 6-6. Alan Ford had 3-13.

Sadly Eddie Hircock – long-serving Beacon match secretary – passed away in hospital last week, aged 68. The funeral is Wednesday December 21, 2pm at Crownhill Crem. Eddie’s widow, Sue, says all who knew him are welcome to attend.

Fed up with a moron who keeps smashing signs, breaking locks and doing other damage at Bradwell lake, MKAA is looking at using concealed miniaturised CCTV technology to put the culprit in court. Head bailiff Stuart Pemberton said: “He’s costing members a lot of money in repairs and has to be stopped.”

Veteran Terry Valentine won his first match for quite a while as he topped Beacon’s sweep on a carp-puddle with 6lb. Dave Scripps had 2-13 and Les Smith 2-9.

MK Vets’ midweek Cosgrove cut do went to Roy Ash who included a 1lb perch in his 4-1. Ken Mott caught 3-1 and Alan Ford 2-4.

James Lewis won Calvert’s Roman bridge match on the Buckingham Ouse with 4-14 of nice roach on punch. His dad, Dave, had 0-11 and John Weatherall 0-8. The rest DNW.

Tosh Saunders won Towcester Vets’ Tove midweeker with a 1-8 perch and roach for 3-15. Grenville Read netted 2-11 and Andy Jones 2-5. The latter went on to top the club’s Castlethorpe canal outing with 2-4 with Mick Goodridge 1-12 and Darren Pannell 1-2... of gudgeon!

Fixtures: December 18, Galleon Xmas do, 01908 669638. December 29: MKAA get together, with golden peg, Stony Island and Main and Hangover open on January 1, Stony river, call 07703 556788 for both. January 15: Olney open, 01234 240061.

Catches or matches to report? Tell Trevor Johnson at or on 01908 270000.