Angling round-up: January 5

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WHAT a way to start the new year! Not only did Keith Ford storm Sunday’s ‘Hang-over’ open – but he banked a mighty 6-13 chub in the process.

And that monster chevin has to be a record (in terms of fully authenticated fish) for the Ouse upstream of the A5 dual carriageway.

But there are bigger to come, for during the same match he also hooked and lost a ‘significantly’ larger chub – a fish which, having seized his poled worm, crashed headlong straight into far bank rushes.

Another chub, topping 5lb, and some decent perch all added up to 16-8 from the Brush Mill swim and put him way out front of the hangover match.

Kevin Osborne made second with 11-12 of perch to 2lb from what’s left of the snag on Toombes (another EA chainsaw massacre!) as Paul Hamilton had 10-10 of bream and Ernie Sattler 8-12 of roach.

But with the Ouse around Stony so heavily fished in recent weeks a lot of people struggled even though, at 8 degrees, the water was about 7.75 degrees warmer than it had been for the previous year’s match.

>> The tail-end of 2011 saw Willards Tackle boss Tim Ray (pictured with the largest) join the ranks of grey-headed angling ‘super stars’ with a cracking brace of perch going 3-10 and 3-7 from Newport’s Ouse – both on spinner.

>> Thursday’s ‘golden peg’ open had gone to Chris Malia with 17-10 of Stony main perch. Downstream on the island section Don King had 9-4 of roach and dace, Bob Gale 8-13 of perch and Paul Neeve 5-14 of roach on punch.

>> Ernie Sattler had turned the previous day’s MK Vets’ do into yet another personal pension booster, winning with 6-9 of perch on Toombes as Mick Reynolds included a 3 pounder in his 5-10, followed by Jack Wilson 5-7.

>> Fresh from bagging 40lb of chub and trout from the tiny Towcester Tove, Mick Goodridge fished his favourite bridge hole to net a dozen perch from 1lb to 2-8 for a total of around 20lb.

The club’s New Year’s Eve knock-up on Huckerby’s went to Graham Martin with 8lb as Wayne Robinson had 5-7 and George Cooke 4-7.

>> Deadbaiting Olney’s Weston Road stretch Ian Rawlings had a river PB 15-1 pike which, so far, is also the club’s best of season.

>> First-time visitor Roger Young topped Saturday’s Alder’s Pines and Ash lakes open with 168lb of carp as George Kay netted 134lb and Ray Makins 112.

A midweeker had gone to Mark Brown on 103-8 as ‘Picasso’ Thorpe had 97lb and Roy ‘Mr suntan’ Makins 94lb.

>> Wanted: three rods to join Chris Malia in a team of four for MKAA’s winter league which starts on the Ouse, Sunday, call 07403 361532.

FIXTURES: Sunday (Jan 8) Towcester Tove open 01327 353263. Jan 15 Olney Ouse open 01234 240061.

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