Angling round-up: March 1

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SUNDAY’s match on the tiny Ouzel in the middle of Newport town saw the top four total more than 100lb – all roach!

Four pegs in a row by the iron bridge produced the stunning haul – where you can see the bottom of ‘the bully’... when the roach aren’t packed in like sardines on their annual migration up from the main river.

Old Scrotes’ Paul Caton was top with 29-12 in Newport’s teams-of-three second round with Team Drak’s James Drakulic on 25-13, Olney Red’s Kevin Osborne 23-14 and Paul Chapman (MK Angling centre) 23-12.

Olney Red won on the day ahead of GoneFishin Blue, with those teams in the league top spots with 56 points and 52.

Cheese and garlic paste tempted a 7-4 chub from MKAA’s Stone Park for Rob Bucknor, while Richard Clifton (pictured by Dave Tebbutt) set a new Newport record with a 7-2.

Downstream at Olney Buster Matthews had five chub to 6-7 for 24-8 on stickfloated double maggot, and Ian Rawlings caught five pike to 16-15.

Barry Mason won the Alders Farm open with 136lb of carp ahead of Colin Fosdyke 116lb and Neil Hutchins 108lb.

Osprey’s Lakeside, Towcester, do fell to Matt Grant with 128-8 of carp and silvers on corn. Mark Brown had 116lb and Chris Thomas 96-6.

Towcester’s Tove sweep fell to Andy Jones with 9-6 of chub. Pat Jacquest had 4-3 and Tosh Saunders 3-13.

John Hewison topped Sunday’s Heyford fishery silverfish open with 7-15-2.

It was perch or nowt in MK Vets’ Riverside Ouzel match as Dave McClellan had 5-9 followed by Tony Richardson 4-5 and Alan Ford 2-5.

Perch helped Colin Chart (DATS) top MKAA’s ‘interclub4’ on Cosgrove cut with 3-12 as Nigel Steele (DATS) caught 3-9-8 and Brian Cooke (Beacon) 2-12-8.

And finally: fishing out-of-town on the Ouse this guy (who had already blanked elsewhere) jumped up when his seat began sinking through a ‘crust’ on some very soft mud – and promptly sank up to his waist!

Dangerously stuck, he wriggled for OVER AN HOUR before abandoning his chest waders and crawling through the goo to firmer ground. Barefoot, he carried his kit across a field to his car and drove back to rescue said waders.

Covered head-to-foot in cold, stinking, slime and now surrounded by flocking sheep convinced he was a farmer with food, he roped his waders to his car and drove slowly forward.

Those waders stretched and stretched (permanently) until, suddenly free, hitting his car with a mighty thwack.

Shivering, and with his motor as muddy inside as out, he was leaving... when another angler asked if he’d had a good day!

Anyone wanting a set of chesties now suitable for a skinny giant should approach Mike Sando. Very carefully...

Fixtures:: Sunday, MKAA winter league final, Toombes, Brush Mill and Hollands.

Catches or matches to report? Tell Trevor Johnson at or on 01908 270000.