Athletics: MK on the up with second place finish

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MILTON Keynes Athletic Club had an excellent turnout for the second Chiltern Cross Country League match of the season – and a fantastic overall second place finish.

Another great individual run by Alfie Yabsley saw him win the M13 race at Shuttleworth, while the senior women won their team competition.

There were 3rd place finishes for the senior men, U15 boys, and U20/U17 women, with Rebecca Marshall 3rd in the latter category.

Overall Bedford & County stretched their lead at the top of table, but Milton Keynes closed the gap to second placed Windsor and now trail by just 17 points, but will need to work hard to overhaul the leaders.

A fine individual 4th by Gavin Smith 30m 50s did little to help the senior men’s team as he was a non-scorer, but led home by 20th Tom Comerford 32m 43s, the team finished 3rd to hold on to 3rd place overall, with 24th Matt Clarke 33m 09s, 29th Sam Deathe 33m 27s, 49th Ross Threlfall 35m 12s, 59th Gary Blaber 35m 51s, 60th Jeremy Vick 35m 57s.

Leading the junior team to 4th place overall, and on the day, was 62nd Sam Redding (M20) 36m 06s, 67th Luke Elton (M20) 36m 23s, 81st Ed Dunn 37m 18s, 82nd Tom Cox (M20) 37m 28s.

The veteran’s finished 10th on the day and are now 9th overall thanks to 92nd Robin Dowswell (M40) 38m 13s, 95th Adrian Cox (M40) 38m 23s, 117th Martin Erasmus (M40) 39m 47s, 118th Chris Mahon (M40) 39m 53s.

A small U17 men’s team remain 10th after finishing in the same position on the day, with 37th for Michael Greener 25m 45s, 39th Harry Morton 26m 30s.

Finishing 3rd on the day, the U15 boys are now 2nd overall thanks to good running by 5th Owen Seamark 12m 31s, 8th Archie Rippin 12m 51s, 13th Toby Herdman-Smith 12m 58s, 20th George Wheeler 13m 26s.

A better 4th placed performance by the U13 boys sees them take 5th overall, partly due to a brilliant race win by Alfie Yabsley 9m 21s and good support from 8th Harvey Green 9m 52s, 21st Jake Cox 10m 34s, 25th Ed Jennings 10m 43s.

The U11 boys continue to struggle, taking 14th place, but they remain 12th overall despite sending a small team to Shuttleworth, with 43rd Alex Meijer 8m 19s, 60th Sam Featherstone 9m 09s.

However, it was great day out for the senior women, winning the event and taking 4th overall thanks to a fine 7th from Lara Bromilow 24m 32s, 11th Elle Roche (F20) 25m 15s, 13th Wendy Webber 25m 41s, 21st Jessica Webb 26m 56s.

The veteran women finished 5th and remain 6th overall, with 27th Fran Malin (F45) 27m 29s, 34th Diane Baldwin (F55) 28m 11s, 44th Maria Calleia (F35) 29m 38s.

Third place for the U20/17 women keeps them in 2nd overall with another superb run from 3rd Rebecca Marshall (F20) 19m 11s, followed by 6th Gemma Childs (F20) 19m 45s, 14th Jess Hall (F17) 20m 51s.

The U15 girls improved, taking 6th on the day and moving up to 8th place overall thanks to 6th Sophie Botham 15m 08s, 23rd Natalie Nurse 17m 02s, 24th Elizabeth Shirley 17m 10s, 25th Iona Norwood 17m 22s.

It was not quite so good for 5th placed U13 girls, but they hold on to 4th overall, with 15th Emma Mears 11m 05s, 29th Jessica Nuttall 11m 52s, 31st Chloe Collett 11m 59s, 35th Amber Harman 12m 10s.

Like their male counterparts, the U11 girls were under-strength, but earned a creditable 12th place, although they still languish in 14th spot overall with 40th Tamzin Hill 8m 47s, 43rd Montana Edghill 8m 53s.