Big bites continue for MK's anglers

DAN Belkon's lad with a nice Furzton common
DAN Belkon's lad with a nice Furzton common

Olney's Nick Mynard is one very lucky man catching a cracking 5-11 chub from the club's Ouse – and surviving a potentially fatal ducking!

His survival was down to Ian Barnes being on hand to help him clamber out – after he'd tumbled into the bitter-cold river.

KEVIN Osborne's 6-8 Riverside Ouzel bream

KEVIN Osborne's 6-8 Riverside Ouzel bream

Wearing full wet-weather gear he'd fallen into a deep slack on the Goosey, dangerously close to a heavy current which, had it caught him, could easily have swept him away.

He said afterwards: "Thanks Barney for saving my bacon, I did go for a proper drenching."

Ian said: "He stepped on a bit of bank which wasn't there, and suddenly there were just two little hands sticking up out of the water. Fortunately I was able to grab one and pull..."

Elsewhere on Olney's length 'Eddie' bagged a 3-6 perch.

BEN Peters had this one on Lodge

BEN Peters had this one on Lodge

ALSO on the Ouse Mark Fisher managed a few chub to almost 4lb as today's end of the river season approached, and on the Woolstone Ouzel Arthur Terrill wrapped his river season up with six chub to 4lb+.

NEWPORT have been stocking again, this time with 300 skimmers and 100 small tench into the Abbeys.

CARP have been moving. Dan Belkon's lad had a nice one from Furzton while Ben Peters was well-pleased with a photogenic lump from Lodge. A 20 was Mark Levitt's reward for a wet night on the Big Pit.

MAVER MK (Matchgroup) have won the 10 team Wellingborough canal league – around Foxton – despite finishing third in Sunday's final leg, which their Wayne Nixon topped with 6-6. Elsewhere the 'group's Carl Yeowell won on Cranford Lake with 35lb of carp and silvers.

MKAA's Riverside Ouzel Grand Slam saw Kevin Osborne include a 6-8 pole-and-worm bream in his 8-12 as Paul Chapman had 8lb of roach and Dave Tysoe 6-1.

TOWCESTER Vets, canal, Stowe Hill: John Balhatchett 13-10 (perch and slabs), Tosh Saunders 6-8, Graham Prince 4-8.

MK Vets, canal, New Bradwell: Bob Gale 6-11, Steve Chilton 5-5, Nigel Steele 5-1.

GOOD NEWS. Chublets stocked into the Ouse around Buckingham a month back by the EA, post last summer's pollution wipe-out, have survived and were caught in Calvert's Sunday sweep. John Robinson 5-4 and Austin Maddock 4-5. Two minnows and a cray were also caught. Recovery is a long road.

NENE/Towcester, canal, Yardley Gobion: Mick Goodridge 3-12 (perch of 2-8 and 1-4) Les Ramsden 2-0-8, Bob Eales 0-14.