Bobby White sees red as British handball team suffer friendly defeat

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BOBBY White was sent off as Great Britain’s handball team lost a pre-Olympic friendly game 42-20 to Hungary last night (Thursday).

In front of around 3,000 fans in Szeged, the 29-year-old goalkeeper was dismissed for making contact with a Hungarian player outside his area while attempting to intercept a long pass. In handball, if the goalkeeper comes out of his area, he is not allowed to make contact with an attacker.

Great Britain, just a couple of weeks away from their opening London 2012 match against world champions France, took an early lead but then made some basic errors, and the Hungarians – also going to the Games – took advantage to punish them on the break, with White being sent off towards the end of the game.

Despite the defeat, the captain was keen to take positives from the team’s performance, with two more friendly games coming up before Team GB make their Olympic bow.

“We will take the positives, there were some good individual performances and at times our defence was good,” said White.

“We created a lot of chances but failed to make them count. So we hope – with a home crowd with us – we will be able to turn our fortunes around in London.”