Carpers rejoice at warmer temperatures

VINNY Brown's Furzton 26-4
VINNY Brown's Furzton 26-4

It has been a long, blazing hot, summer but – with the nights turning cooler – we could be heading into an even 'hotter' autumn for local carpers.

And as water temperatures come off the boil, prompting the brown fish to start getting their heads down on the feed, Furzton and Lodge in particular are beginning to fish a lot better than good.

GEOFF Carter and Brandon Sunter both had Furzton fish of 20-4

GEOFF Carter and Brandon Sunter both had Furzton fish of 20-4

Among a lot of other happy catchers this week Vinny Brown came up with a 26-4 Furzton mirror – while Geoff Carter and Brandon Sunter both had fish of 20-4 in a five-night session which saw them sharing 36 carp and losing at least 10 others!

On the same water, within 10 minutes of changing tactics, Aaron Sturman turned a looming blank into a happy day as he landed a PB 20-1 to christen his new rod. Owen Wye banked mirrors of 21lb and 18-7 and then went on to a 24-4 PB while CJ Strong, out with dad Chris, broke his PB twice with a 17lb common and a 22lb mirror.

Lodge has been producing a steady stream of fish – some during daylight hours – including Lou Smith's 20-13 – and is also going well for silver fish.

PAUL Morton netted a really chunky tench from Abbey Pit 2 while, on the float on the Big Pit, Rod Seale had a double-figure rudd net plus some small commons.

OLNEY's Ouse yielded a 5lb chub to Adam Short.

THIS year's Bedford Hospital Cup – 57 fished from Oakley to Kempston – was dominated by roach catches as Paul Reynolds had 20-12, Steve Clarke 19-7, Paul Chapman 14-10 (inc three 12-14 ounce fish) and Paul Abbott 14-9.

MK Vets, Alders Farm: Ernie Sattler 221lb, Martin Cunniffe 136-3, Myles Phillips 102-3.

OSPREY, Boddington: Ed Blaine 147lb, Andy Knell 107lb, Lee Robinson 90lb.

TOWCESTER Vets, Home Farm, Stockton: John Broughton 110-15, Les Goodridge 70lb, John Balhatchett 68-5.

AN interclub on St James's saw Calvert beat home-side Brackley and fill the frame with Austin Maddock 22-8, Dave Lewis 12-12 and Ben Holdaway 11-7.

NENE/Towcester, Rysons: Les Ramsden 22-6 (bream), Mick Goodridge 14-2, Kevin Elliott 10-6.

FIXTURES: Sep 14-16 Furzton Fest carp match, GoneFishin 01908 313158; Sep 23, Olney Ouse, Ron Bull memorial open guaranteed £500 prizes, 01234 240061;