Charlie wins it by himself

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Good old boy Charlie Lancaster was on fire in MK vets’ latest match – winning the pairs event on his own.

Which meant his partner for the day, Barry Witteridge, and his 93-5 were surplus to requirements as Charlie put 231-10 of Alders’ carp on the scales.

Paul Barnes and John Hewison had 228-4 for second with Martin Cunniffe and Richard Lattimer third on 174-7. Be a bit different when they get back on the cut...

One man getting some river-action before the rains started forcing levels up was Rob Buckner – who had the 5-2 chub pictured from MKAA’s Wolverton Ouse, using his favourite ‘stinky cheese’ paste bait.

And Dan Bielokopitovas brightened up a gloomy Tuesday with the golden-glowing 12lb Lodge Lake Koi pictured by Ian Pledger.

Lakeside, near Towcester was ‘quiet’ for Osprey, Sunday, when Ian Millin needed ‘only’ 69lb of carp to win, followed by Charlie Lawrence 54lb and Ricky Green 59lb.

MKAA’s get-together on Newport’s Riverside went to Steve Chilton with 10-10-8 of perch and skimmers. Paul Chapman had 9-2, missing out when he lost a big bream he had foul-hooked in the dorsal. Don King had 7-13.

Sunday’s Nene-Towcester do on Yardley Gobion cut saw John Balhatchett pull the marina peg everyone wanted to net 13-6 of skimmers and perch. Matt Webb had 8-10 and Pete Paughton 6lb.

Towcester vets Stoke Bruerne canal: Gerald Greene 9-13 of class roach. Terry Robinson 2-15, Tosh Saunders 1-3.

Calverts’s Buckingham town Ouse: Tony Richardson 7-1, Dawn Green, 3-13 (husband Charlie 4th on 1-13) Austin Maddock 2lb.

Linford, Christmas match, boatyard cut: Roy ‘Didder’ Hefferon 5-11, Mick Hefferon 5-6, Eamon Burke 5-5.

Olney predator match, Ouse: teenager Charlie Mynard a PB 9-14 pike with dad, Robbie 5-12 and Kevin Lake 4-3.

Good news on the angler rushed into intensive care suffering from Weil’s Disease a while back.

Signing himself Phil Mapp on facebook, he gives a harrowing account of suffering bleeding from multiple organs – and says the doctor treating him said she’d only treated three other cases...with only ONE of those patients living to tell the tale.

It is no wonder Phil includes a heart-felt plea for everyone to take extra care to keep their hands clean at the water-side and minimise chances of catching the rat-urine borne infection. He said: “A nasty disease that lies and waits for everyone and anyone.”

Fixtures: Sunday, GoneFishin canal league round, fish as an individual if you wish, 01908 313158; December 6, MKAA Ouse fur & feather, 07703 556788.