Chubs have been biting

Gary Maton
Gary Maton

Big chub have been well on the chomp! Following months of being virtually uncatchable due to flood after flood – a spate of big chevins have been ending up in landing nets.

The two biggest reported, so far, weighing within an ounce of each other at 6-2 and 6-1 – both fell to Den Reid on the same day as he fished city-area swims at least five miles apart.

Den Reid

Den Reid

He finished the day chuffed as the proverbial parrot: months of chasing after a six-pounder...and then TWO come along at once.

And that was only days after Pete Dixon had had three to 6-11, and a mate a 7-2, further downstream (last week’s column).

Chub were feeding on the local Ouzel, too – where Gary Maton went on one of his mini-marathon stalking sessions, fishing chunks of ‘Mother’s Pride’ to net five up to 5-13 in one outing.

But he was not alone on the little river, and Adam Cooper and Neil Hughes had success stories of their own, both landing fish in the four-and-a-half to five-pound class.

With the river-season fast drawing to a close, Pete Hodgson landed what looks set to be Olney’s best of season perch, at 4-3-8, on worm; and Bob Cooke had Olney’s best-of-season pike at just 11-15.

Adam Short caught an 8lb-ish bream...but apparently didn’t weigh it because he was after chub at the time...

And with the weather set to get warmer (and wetter) there could be a few more good river fish caught before the legal close season kicks in at midnight on Monday.

A good chub popped up on Stony’s Main, too, in MK Vets’ midweeker. Kevin Osborne won with 12-4 which included a 3-8 chub and seven perch), as Steve Chilton netted 3lb and Pete Whatley 2-1.

And Myles Philips had a 4-4 – his only fish of the day – for third in Newport’s sweep at Riverside on the Ouzel. Barry Glidewell won with 8-7 followed by Bob Gale on 7-5.

Towcester/Nene, Tove Broadwater: Dave Gibbins 6-9 (30+ small fish), Tosh Saunders 2-8, John Balhatchett 1-14.

Towcester Vets, Astwell Mill top pond: Grenville Read 5lb, Graham Martin 2-12 (inc a 1-8 roach), George Cooke and John Balhatchett both 1-1.

Calvert, Ouse at Buckingham: John Weatherall 0-15, Les Smith 0-11, Dave Lewis 0-7.

Fixtures: Saturday, MKAA Grand Slam, Stony Ouse; Coming up, MKAA spring league teams of four, 01234 713144 for either; March 23 Towcester DAA AGM, 8pm, town football supporters club.