City martial arts club celebrates national success

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WITH the adrenaline pumping, the Milton Keynes APTI Tae Kwon-do Club travelled to Coventry for their new association’s 2011 National Championships, and did their city proud on the big stage.

It was the club’s first competition under their new association and any signs of nerves building were soon pushed aside as their individual talents shone through.

When the day was done the club returned home with a fantastic haul of 16 trophies, including no less than six National Champion titles, plus five silver and five bronze medals.

The National Champion titles went to Joe Moya in the Men’s Black Belt Heavy Weight Sparring, Phil Turner in the Men’s 1st - 2nd Dan Black Belt Patterns, Ben Roberts in the Men’s Red Tag - Black Tag Heavy Weight Sparring, Chris Clarke in the Red Tag - Black Tag Patterns, Paul Irlam in the Green - Blue Belt Patterns and Joshua Noury in the Boys’ Middle Weight Sparring.

The five silver medals were picked up by Gareth Mitchell in Sparring, Chris Clarke in Sparring, Kanuki Mundle-Simpkins in Sparring, Lucy Walters in Patterns and Angela Lloyd in Sparring.

And the five bronze medals were won by Francis Ifould in Sparring and Patterns, Michelle Makita in Sparring, Stephen McAllister in Patterns and Andrew Poynton in Sparring.

Club chief Instructor Phil Thomas said: “I’m extremely proud of all my students, the level of competition was high in what was a very tough competition. A good day was had by all.”

The club would like to thank Mr Walters, Mr West, Mr Killick and Miss Kelsey for their help with officiating on the day.

The students train at Medbourne Sports Pavilion on Monday evenings and Shenley Brook End School on Wednesday evenings, and sessions are open to all, with beginners also welcome to go along and try out.