City runners brave snow in four-day marathon mission

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SNOW, wind and rain were endured by more than 70 runners taking part in four marathons in four days, circuiting Caldecotte Lake from Thursday to Sunday.

The challenging event entitled the ‘Enigma Quadzilla’ drew competitors from all over the country, with the race being won on each of the four days by James Murray from Bideford AAC in times ranging from 3hrs 5mins 59secs to 3hrs 13mins 20secs.

Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners were the only city-based club represented, with their first runner home on all four days being Chris Brookman (pictured).

He ended seventh in the first outing with a time of 3hrs 23mins 9secs, and although he was slower on the second day with 3hrs 26mins 5secs, it was enough to secure him fourth spot.

Day three saw Chris improve his time to 3hrs 21mins 5secs to end third – a position he repeated on the final day with a time of 3hrs 21mins 58secs.

Fellow club runner Mike Tilsley was 20th on day one in 3hrs 55mins 22secs, 24th the next day (4hrs 13mins 48secs), 23rd on day three (4hrs 3mins 50secs) and 12th on the last day (3hrs 50mins 30secs).

Lakeside’s Mark Atkinson improved from 26th (4hrs 4mins 9secs) on the opening day to 22nd the next day (4hrs 6mins 54secs) before slipping to 24th on the third (4hrs 5mins 8secs) – with the same position on Sunday (4hrs 6mins 17secs).

Final Lakeside runner, Andy Gower, competed in the Saturday and Sunday races, ending 20th (3hrs 56mins 44secs) and then 23rd (4hrs 4mins 32secs).

Although delighted to have completed all four events, for some of the Lakeside runners – Chris included – it was treated as a training workout for bigger events lying ahead, when some of them will be taking part in the famous Lakeland 100 mile race in the summer.

Having finished 69th out of more than 400 competitors in the Lakeland 50 mile event last year, Chris has set his sights on a good position in the 100.