Cold brings out the carp

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It might have been chilly out there Sunday morning, but that didn’t stop Osprey bagging up at Lakeside, with the top four totalling nearly 500lb.

Netting 153lb of carp put Pete Archer top of the list with Ed Blaine following on 138lb, ahead of Rob Napper 107lb and Chris Lovelock 94lb.

Maver MK kicked off their Castle Ashby winter league campaign with a less than flying start, finishing fifth on the day. That said, if past form is any guide, they will probably win the next at a canter.

Wednesday’s MK Vets’ canal sweep at Mill Road saw Ernie Sattler pocket yet a few more quid as he won with 8-8, followed by Bob Gale 7-14 and Tony Richardson 7-11.

Calvert’s visit to Itters Pit saw Del Bishop a clear winner with 7-12 as Dave Lewis had 5-9 and Brian Beasley 3-1.

Things were slow for Kingfisher on Bletchley boatyard canal as See Chilton won with 4-3 ahead of Colin Chart 3-9 and Robin Lett 3-3.

And they were even slower for Linford on their Wharf section as Roy Hefferon needed just 2-2 to win. Mick Hefferon had 2-1 and Ron Dorrill 1-15.

MKAA’s Tear Drops junior match fell to Ellis Northey with 1-3, Saturday, as Olliver McEwan weighed in 0-10 and Fletcher Northey 0-8.

The ‘Perch Fishers of England’ found Olney’s Ouse in dour mood when they fished Weston Road, but still managed three 2s – best 2-13.

The aged footbridge at Ravenstone has been undergoing a re-build which should be finished by the weekend.

Don’t bother fishing the cut south of Giffard Park to Leighton Buzzard on Sunday November 8 – there is a mass canoe charity ‘paddle-in’ planned.