Cold catches in abundance

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Bitter frosts and lashing cold, cold rain may have sent water temperatures crashing – but some lucky souls are still finding fish.

Osprey’s likely lads plundered Arran’s Lake so effectively that two of them – who had OVER 350lb each – both got disqualified under club rules for having too many fish in their various nets!

So top spot went to Darren Cannock with 281lb of carp ahead of Brian Ritchie on 270lb and Tony Wynnick with 258lb.

And Willen South was fishing like it was spring again, Tuesday, as bailiff Mike Reveller had bream to 8-4, a surprise 5-7 tench, and got smashed by something huge while using his usual approach...any old gunge in the feeder and some three-year old bottom of his bag boilies. Now he wants his own tv prog: ‘Taking the science and anatomical spheroids out of fishing’ – or something like that.

The Toombes Ouse was in tricky mood for White Hart Dagenham, but Ray Golding (pictured) still managed 11-10 of bream on red maggot stick-floated down the side. Kevin Searle had 10-2 of perch and skimmers and Jim Ryan 6-12. Perch of 2-4 and 2-2 were also caught.

Gonefishin’s canal pairs league started, Sunday, fished on both sides of Bletchley’s Willowbridge bridge. Tommy Boyce junior and senior emerged as top pair with 15-1 between them – and took the top individual spots. Andy Curless was third with 6-15.

Anyone who wants to fish any of the remaining rounds as an individual can do so for a fiver a match plus pools – book on 01908 313158.

An estimated 60 or so canoeists – said to be “Racing through four abreast at times” – wrecked Linford’s Bolbeck Park canal match. Mick Hefferon still managed 4-12, with John Hough on 3-2 and Didder Hefferon 1-9. Club officials say they weren’t forewarned by the Canal Trust, and are livid no one was there to keep paddlers to acceptable speeds.

Word must finally be getting through to local rod licence cheats! Environment Agency enforcer Mick Robinson checked 43 anglers on a visit to MK...and found only one defaulter (at Emberton Park).

Towcester, Bairstows: Mick Goodridge 18-2 (two carp), Paul Robinson 3-4, John Balhatchett 1-8.

MK vets midweek, Stony Main: Martin Cunniffe 10lb, Derek Bishop 9-9, Bob Gale 3-10, 24 fished.

Olney, RBL open, Ouse, lowest turnout for years: Steve Glidewell 6-9, Mike Fairey 6-3, Roger Clutton and Paul Clayton both 5-13.

Calvert, Claydon Lake: Dave Lewis 0-6, Derek Bishop and Barry Witteridge both 0-5...

Fixtures: Tuesday, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061; December 6, MKAA fur & feather, MKAA Ouse 07703 556788.