Cold catches still flooding in

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In what has to be the coldest week of the winter so far, good catches were about as common as the proverbial hens’ teeth.

But young AJ Featherstone, reporting through GoneFishin, showed the older guys how by scaling his carp bait down to maggots for a more subtle presentation when he fished Park Farm.



And the result was the superbly conditioned 21-8 (pictured, right), and which proves that sometimes a thinking, experimental, approach is more likely to pay off than sitting behind a boilie because that is what has worked in the past.

A Willards Tackle ‘works outing’ on Bradwell canal saw Dave Duwell snagging the 5lb pike (above) beating Sean Wilson’s top fish by at least 2lb. Boss Tim Ray? Don’t even ask...

Osprey’s Pidley Lake trip was a real dour do by their standards as Gareth 
Price won with 51lb of 
carp. Ashley Priestley had 26lb and Tony Winnock 18lb.

Olney’s Two Brewers Ouse do was short on anglers but produced good weights considering the bitter-wind-clear-water conditions. Steve Bull had 13-5 of roach and dace on poled maggot with Neale Shearn on 9-5-8 and Pete Hawley 7-12. It wasn’t all small fish: Jan Cebula had a 4-12 chub and lost a bigger one.

Nine perch and a roach for 3-4 gave Mick Goodridge a clear win in Towcester’s Wappenham Water sweep. Paul Keal had a brace of perch for 1-8...and the rest failed to get a bite between them!

There are still some fish in the Tove. Graham Martin had 8lb of bits plus a 1-6 roach on Towcester’s A508 section, midweek.

In full gluttons-for-punishment mode, Calvert returned to the Ouse in Buckingham yet again. This time John Weatherall won the latest golden peg, in its first week, with 1-7. Barry Witteridge had 0-12 and Dave Lewis 0-11.

DATS called off their ‘Island’ Ouse match in face of Sunday’s bone-chilling winds, but Colin Chart went it alone and bagged some nice roach and dace. Well done that man.

The Parks Trust has been busy on Lodge, replacing four platforms and giving bankside shrubbery on the dam and peninsula the same kind of haircut Tear Drops 1 and 2 received last winter.

Great stuff, thanks for that.

Bletchley’s Tackle Hub celebrates its first full year in business this Saturday, and to mark the occasion proprietor Pete Craddock is having a ‘discount’ day – together “with silly games and prizes”. Full marks for trying, Pete, hope it goes well.

Fixtures: Sat, forget fishing Tear Drops – 2,000 cross country runners expected; Sun, national pike fishing champs round, Willen Lake; Feb 15, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061; Feb 18 Pulman AGM 8.30pm, Con Club, Bletchley.