County gym champs spring into action

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MK SPRINGERS’ acrobats and tumblers did their club and the city proud when they became county champions at the Bucks Championships,

The round one floor routines started with level one, two and three women’s groups competing first. Women’s groups consist of three females, two bases and a top, who must dance and perform acrobatics moves in unison. In level one, Emmualla Motto, Charlotte Hacking and Ellie Wheeler walked away with gold medals.

In level two there was a battle between Orlagh Fagan, Natalie Keyte and Jenny Becket, and Ella Turner, Harriet Evans and Ceira Lowe who beat the aforementioned trio by 0.75 marks.

In level three the trio of Bekki Novack, Sian Evans and Katie Adams had to perform two floor routines, but the girls held every move and won.

Round two saw the largest group which is always the level one woman’s pairs. MK Springers had entered four partnerships into this level so the coaches knew someone would be disappointed, and unfortunately it was Megan Ellis and Maya Hoyte who just missed out by 0.9 marks, which saw in 3rd position for Lauren Mutitt and Tayah Rogers, 2nd for Orlagh Fagan and Niamh Magee, 1st for Freya Clarke and Imogen Kingsman.

The level three woman’s pairs saw Anna Ryan and Abi Maxwell take 1st place. It was the younger club members’ turn on floor next and in the prep B mixed pairs, and in their first competition together, Jake Blackhurst and Irina Hayward took 1st place.

Prep B woman’s pairs Savannah Thompson and Emily Odwell, again in their first competition, achieved 1st place and finally in prep B men’s pairs James Odwell and Kyle Ayris also came 1st.

Last were the novice groups, with Evie Yabsley, Enya Densel and Rosie Burton-Pye finishing 1st ahead of team-mates Abbie Johnson, Lilly Tapp and Tia Masiyano who came 2nd. Overall on the floor Springers had nine county champions plus three sliver medals and one bronze.

The tumbling competition was also taking place while floor was going on. The lower levels started first with regional B. Competing were Lilly Tapp, Rosie Burton-Pye, Milly Erasmus, Georgia Anderson, Tia Masiyano who won bronze, Abbie Johnson who took silver and Irana Harward who won gold.

In the regional B men’s level, Jake Blackhurst tumbled away with gold while regional C saw Kezi Ononeme also achieve gold.

The regional D women’s had Evie Yabsley just missing out on the medals, but team-mate Paige Batt won silver and Maya Hoyte achieved gold in her first tumbling event.

National one had the largest entry. Ciara Lowe missed out on a medal by only one mark followed closely by Freya Clarke, Imogen Kingsman, Enya Densel, Niamh Magee, Jodie Blackhurst, Emily Odwell, Jane Lambert, Lauren Mutitt, Taya Rogers and Cypress Thorne.

National two saw Savana Thompson, Ellie Wheeler and Hasha Mundel-Simpkin just miss out on a podium position. Kyle Aryis had some stiff competition but achieved 5th place in national two men’s, while national three saw Natalie Keyte finish in 2nd, with Bekki Novack taking 3rd place as Emmanualla Motta, Megan Ellis and Charlotte Hacking just missed out.

Elite one tumbling saw only Springers’ tumblers competing. Chloe Walpole, Orlagh Fagan and Abi Maxwell cheered as Eloise Driscol won bronze. Ella Turner received silver and Harriet Evans surprised even herself by achieving gold.

James Odwell, competing for the first time in tumbling, achieved 1st place in elite one men’s. In elite two Jenny Becket and Sian Evans battled it out with Jenny receiving bronze and Sian taking gold. Last to compete was Eleanor Broome who was competing some new tumbles but she wasn’t fazed and walked away with a gold medal.

Springers manager Jean Heffer-Rahn said: “I know all these boys and girls have worked hard for this competition and are proud to be county champions.

“Overall the club has achieved 16 tumbling medals and 12 group medals on floor. Now the coaches have a difficult job as they have to decide who they will take to the regional championships next month.”