Deep freeze conditions call for desperate measures

Paul Housego
Paul Housego

With the 'Beast from the East' headed our way – and just two weeks left of a diabolical river season – some have been taking desperate steps to find sport.

City lad Paul Housego and two mates went all the way to Thailand to find fish – and some WARMTH – where he caught six Siamese carp from the Topcats fishery.

Alex Buey with 'deep freeze' Lodge double just 17 minutes after first cast

Alex Buey with 'deep freeze' Lodge double just 17 minutes after first cast

And the largest, scaling 85lb, hooked just two rods out, gave him a tremendous runaround before coming to the bank. "It was a really great day's fishing," he said.

NOT quite so far, but still a 250 mile round trip, Ross on Wye was Kevin Osborne and Paul Hamilton's destination, 'looking for a change'. Paul had a chub and a 4lb barbel – the latter a real change for the better.

Kevin had a 3lb chub and a brace of specimen...minnows. He said: "They were at least twice as big as any I've ever had out of the Ouse!"

MAVER MK (reported through Tackle Hub) were on Decoy and the Fenland drains, Saturday, for the Angling Trust Winter League final, finishing 25th from 33 ten-man teams. Their Bryn Wignall made an impressive ninth individual – from 330 – on 32.9 kilo with Ian Pretty next best in 50th slot on 13.9 kilo.

OLNEY's midweek Ouse open was big fish or bust. Neil Shearn included a 3-2-8 perch in his 3-6-8, Nigel Porter (second) had a 3-1 stripy and Les Wallis a 2-4. GoneFishin's Paul Hodgson had a 3-8 chub from the same section in a freezing night session.

FILM-maker Richard Purnell has is up-dating his venue-videos. Well worth a look at Carp Angling with Richard Purnell on YouTube, while thinking of warmer times...

PIKE Angling Champs heat, Sherington Pits: Richard Harvey two for 23-3, Bob Cahill 12lb, Dave Harvey 8-6.

OSPREY, Pidley: Steve Carthy 15-12, 'Sparky' 15-4, Tony McGregor 14-14

TOWCESTER/Nene, Ringstead Nene: Graham Prince 5-8 (silvers), Graham Martin 3-8, Bob Eales 3-2.

MK Vets, canal, Bradwell: Paul Chapman 4-15, Dave McLlennan 3-2, Kevin Osborne 3-1.

OUSE mini-open, Sharnbrook: Nigel Porter 4-3, Neil Shearne 2-1, Nigel Bass 2lb.

CALVERT, Claydon Lake: the sun shone...and that was it. Everyone blanked.

FIXTURES: Sunday's Tove Valley Lakeside open cancelled; March 10, MKAA grand slam, 01234 713144, ALSO, rearranged Olney Ouse charity open 01234 240061.