Dozens of PBs for Bletchley’s finest

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BLETCHLEY & District Swimming Club hosted their own Licensed Meet at the town’s leisure centre where swimmers recorded an incredible total of more than 70 new personal best times.

More than 30 swimmers from Bletchley participated, including the youngest eight and nine year-old competitive swimmers, Lauren Bazley, Dejannae Shelukindo, Amy Efthimiou, Jessica Ross, Torsten Hansen, Eloise Bywater, Ellie McManus, Sophie McManus, Ryan Minihan and Emily Taylor.

Six other clubs attended, in the shape of Wantage White Horses, Witney, Thame, Maxwell, Aylesbury and the City of Milton Keynes Swim club. It was the third time the club had hosted this Level Four Open Meet and the club’s organisers have confirmed that, due to the success of the meet, they will be looking to host it again next year.

Bletchley’s Club Championship held in November prepared the swimmers for this competitive event, leading to a fantastic 78 new personal best times being recorded by the club’s competitors, while 30 swimmers achieved top three finishes in their races.

“They need to be congratulated,” said head coach Phil Powell: “This Open Meet is a fabulous opportunity for swimmers to participate in a smaller, competitive environment that is run by parents and friends of the club.”

Thanks go to all volunteers for assisting with the successful running of the meet. Without people volunteering the club would not be able to offer such opportunities to the swimmers.