First frost helps Richard

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Richard Purnell Vrhh4iMiKnHEXyfKOcSU

The first real frosts of the season – and even a touch of early-hours snow – didn’t deter carper Richard Purnell.

While so many others cowered indoors on the coldest weekend since last winter, he stuck it out through a sub-zero all-nighter on Furzton.

And his stoicism paid off with three commons to 20-4 and a hard-fighting, chunky, mirror in one night.

He cheerfully posted on Facebook: “With the temperature hitting freezing the fishing was still on fire – big smiles all week.”

Others had a lot less to smile about: especially those silverfish club anglers witnessing a 4lb zander being caught from Galleon’s canal section (reported through Willards) and underlining the predatory alien species’ southwards spread along the cut.

Worried they will wreak the same kind of havoc, locally, that they’ve caused north of Braunston?

Then donate the price of a couple of pints of maggots to the Canal River Trust’s ‘Roach Restoration Appeal’ on 0303 040 4040. Backed by several local clubs, that is intended to help fund CRT’s plan to greatly reduce zander numbers by electro-fishing miles of cut.

Want to know more – call me on 07801 183381?

Prior to the weekend ‘mini-freeze’ Lee Jones made the most of a tad extra water in the river by winning Olney’s Tuesday open with 19-15: three tench to 4-8, a couple of good perch and some bits – all on worm and the pole.

Dave Tebbutt’s 7-2 was enough for second spot with Ian Halliwell third on 3-6.

And MK Vets’ Calverton Road-Brush Mill midweeker saw Tony Richardson out front with 15-10 of perch as Colin Chart had 9-6 and Ernie Sattler 6-6 of roach.

The Parks Trust has been spending time – and significant money – working with the Environment Agency to improve fish-spawning and fry-survival prospects on the Ouzel downstream of the OU area.

That has included bringing in a big digger to create a series of metre-deep clean gravel sub-surface shelter areas. Well done those people.

Sunday’s British pike champs Bradwell Lake heat was a frost-bitten grueller... especially tough on the guy who came all the way from Stoke-on-Trent... to blank. Bob Goodman won and qualified with a 12-10 snapper.

Kingfisher AC, Toombes Meadow Ouse: Austin Maddock 3-12, Colin Chart 1-3, John White 0-13.

Kings Arms, Stone Park Ouse: Steve Bence 2-5, Steve Parker 2-1, Doug Howell 2lb.

Calvert, Woodfield Lake: Derek Bishop 1-1, John Weatherall and Les Smith both 0-6.

Fixtures: Tues Dec 1, Olney river open, 01234 240061; Sat Dec 5, MKAA Xmas match, Ouse around Stony, tickets in local shops.