Fish killers on the loose

AJ Featherstone
AJ Featherstone

Police and Environment Agency enforcers are hunting for sickening ‘fish thieves’ who have just killed at least five double-figure carp on Lodge.

And just about every angler reading this will hope that – WHEN they are caught – the criminals responsible will end up in a cell rather than being slapped on the wrist.

With Lodge one of the few local stillwaters still under a close season, they probably thought they could work undisturbed as they set the long net which trapped, and suffocated, the carp.

But a patrolling MKAA bailiff found the death trap, which could have easily also drowned waterfowl, and its gruesome contents on Thursday – before the perpetrators returned.

Now Police and Environment Agency staff are trying to catch the culprits before they strike again, while MKAA and the Parks Trust, which owns the fish and fishing rights, have mounted extra patrols.

MKAA deputy head bailiff Mike Reveler said: “This senseless waste has stirred up a lot of anger, and the Trust is particularly keen to have these people caught and their activities stopped.”

Anyone with any information on the incident, or the people involved, should call police on 101 (15p regardless of length of call) and quote the reference 43150154996.

Four 30s in one session! That was teenager ‘AJ’ Featherstone’s haul – reported through both GoneFishin and Great Linford Tackle – from The Pines at Linford. He banked fish of 33 and 31-12 plus two 31s along with a 27-14, a 22 and a 20-4. Some older regulars have now gone a strange greenish colour...

Alder’s Farm’s ‘Fun in the Sun’ open lived up to its name, Sunday, as Trevor Price won with 204-15. Josh Blavins had 150-12 and Phil Bardell 129-10.

Potterspury’s Wold Farm do saw Steve Davis with 85lb followed by Colin Meakins 79lb and Mick Goodridge 65lb.

MK Vets St James’s Lake, Brackley, midweeker fell to Austin Maddock with 15-9. Martin Cunniffe had 15lb and Ernie Sattler 12-6.

And Sattler had framed the day before, too, topping DATS’ Tuesday evening league round on the Navvi canal with 10-13 of skimmers. Lee Jones had 8-1 and Nigel Steel 6-12.

Calvert’s fist ‘waggler-only’ sweep of the year saw Derek Bishop with 9-13 of rudd, roach and perch. Dave Lewis had 5-8 and John Weatherall 2-10.

Linford’s canal do saw good old boy Ron Dorrill cruise to the top with 6-10. Pete ‘pick your own peg’ Whatley had 4-6 and Josh Spearman 4-4.

City lad Mike Wibberley netted seven rainbows when trouting at Ringstead, best 4-8 and all returned alive.

Olney tickets now on sale: adults £20, pensioners £13 and juniors £5.