Furzton fish begin to bite

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Flying along! That’s Furzton which – following a less than furious start – really began to come on song over the past few days.

One cashing-in on the water’s new-found form was Nathan Skelton (pictured) who, over the weekend, bagged 17 carp there (including three 20s) for around 300lb.

He had been practising for the GoneFishin-backed 48-hour Furzton Festival carp match (September 26 to 28) and, if he can keep his current form, looks a good bet for a place.

Catch Products boss Darren Mayes was also busy with some big doubles while, fishing two-hour evening sessions: MK Matchgroup’s Pete Patton had 10 bream for 35lb and Tackle Hub’s Terry Lambert and Lee Jones caught 10lb of roach apiece.

Monday morning on Lodge Daniel Doyle had the cracking 20-9 ‘ghostie’ pictured by bailiff Ian Pledger.

What a ‘goldfish’!

And on a non-MKAA club lake at the Bletchley end of the city... Colin Wright must have thought he had hooked into a stray submarine before finally landing a 60lb catfish!

A customer at GoneFishin reports having had 22lb of silvers from the Ouse back of Bradwell Lake – nice – and Paul Andrews had a 12-3 carp from Olney’s section.

Lakeside near Towcester just seemed to get better and better as Osprey’s three-day festival went on. Keith Stents topped with 125lb, Friday, with Rob Napper on 126lb on Saturday, and Chris Lovelock winning Sunday’s do with 187lb on a day when five others beat 100lb.

Lovelock, Neil Fenner and Steve Carthy were top festival team with 34 points – one ahead of Gary Page, Neil Riddy and Pete Goode.

Towcester’s Bishops Bowl joint sweep with Nene saw Darren Pannell with 47-4 of carp as Les Ramsden and Mick Goodridge tied on 34-6, while the club vets’ Flecknoe match went to Tosh Saunders with 58-11 as John Balhatchett had 40-8 and Grenville Reed 34-2.

Skimmers were the key in MK vets’ midweek Lodge match as Ted Brown had 17-12, John Harvey 14-2 and Paul Chapman 12-4.

MK ‘get together’, Claydon Lake: Colin Chart 13-15, Derek Bishop 4-15, Alan Ford 3lb.

DATS’ evening league, Tear Drops 1 & 2: Phil Bardel 7-14, Nigel Steel (two tench and bits) 7lb, Mark Morgan 6-6-8.

Linford, C’pn Morgan canal: Mick Hefferon 3-6, John Hough 1-12, Nick Barber 1lb.

Olney, club Ouse: Pete Hawley 3-6, Stan Smith 0-13 (lost two good fish), with 0-9 third.

Notice: Furzton closed midnight Saturday until 3pm Sunday for match; anyone planning on fishing there, or Tear Drops, the following weekend (July 11 to 13) might do better elsewhere due to a major concert at the Bowl.