Gary goes from hero to zero

Faith Melville
Faith Melville

Imagine: you’re a hero catching 10k, propelling your team to Division 1 ‘national’ top five glory. Then you lose the lot before the scales arrive!

That was Gary Underwood’s worst nightmare come true as, on the Gloucester Canal, he stepped in for Maver MKAA after Roger Clutton had injured his back.

Micahel Buchwalder

Micahel Buchwalder

Had he weighed-in his side would have been fifth but with his real-life blob they ended up 18th.

“Gutted is nowhere near strong enough a word to describe how I felt, and still feel,” said Gary. “I just sat on my box, numb, trying to take in what had happened, 10kilo would have put me second in section with 43 team points...”

Eight feet deep at the edge and 16 in the middle, the Gloucester had yielded ‘Gazzer’ some 20+lb of bream and, as he waited for the scales, he draped the top of his keepnet across the bank prior to packing. But a boat’s wash pulled it in. Hearing a sickening ‘plop’, he looked at the grass where his net should have been, and horrible realisation dawned.

He got it back empty, leaving him with a zero against his name – which then added insult to injury by appearing as the very last of the 440 individual results listed on the Angling Trust website.

At the other end of the scale city lad Michael Buchwalder was cock-a-hoop after winning his section with 15.800 kilo and helping Team Daiwa Dorking to a runaway win with 354 points – 56 ahead of second-placed Maver Image.

Osprey, Lakeside: Rob Napper 151lb, Richard Green 150-8, Gareth Price 148lb.

Calvert, Claydon Lake: Derek Bishop 16-7, Brian Beasley 15-1, Barry Witteridge 3-15.

MK Vets, Tear Drops: Kevin Osborne 13-12, Bob Gale 12-6, Ernie Sattler 10-2.

Kingfisher & DATS, Mill Road canal: Steve Chilton 10-7, Paul Chapman8-7, Mick Reynolds 5-5.

Linford, ‘Morgan canal section: Richard Massey 10lb, John Hough 2-8, Pete Whatley 2-7.

Olney Brimley Cup, Ouse: Paul Caton 10-1, Pete Hawley 9-10, Steve Bull 5-14.

Towcester, Bairstows: Les Goodridge 4-8, bro Mick 4lb, George Cooke 3-6.

Furzton Festival: Wed Aug 26 vets (over 55s) open 01908 565446; Sat Aug 29 float-only and Mon 31st Frank Swan memorial, both 01908 313158; Sat Sep 5, ladies on Tear Drop 2 and for Sep 12, canal, young persons match on canal 1B, call 01908 320007. Citizen Cup, 60 pegs: Sun Sept 20, Olney’s Ouse, £20 ticket only, £500 first prize plus others all guaranteed by club, 01234 711393 or 01234 240061.