Gary’s win on borrowed rod

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Everyone thought tackleshop boss Gary Underwood was joking when he turned up for a match with an empty rod-tube – having forgotten to pack a rod in it!

But he had the last laugh – winning Newport’s Christmas sweep with 28-14 of Ouzel chub – on a waggler rod borrowed from big-hearted Roger Tebbutt.

And that generous loan almost certainly cost Roger a paying place as he ended third, instead of second, with 6-1 while Paul Abbott made runner-up on the day with 8lb.

Caster and maggot on the stick brought GoneFishin co-owner Underwood his winning net of chub averaging 3lb+ as, for him, Santa came early.

Maver MK (aka the Matchgroup) have won this year’s Castle Ashby AT winter league series – with a two point margin over Guru – after years of finishing as runners up. Great shot lads...and best of luck in the regional heats.

Got Baits have got it sorted in the Alder’s fishery winter league, and with one round to go, can’t be beat. Sunday’s penultimate leg saw Roger Brain win with 113lb ahead of Colin Cox 97-7 and Martin Greene 90-8.

A bitter frost slowed sport for Osprey on Lakeside, where Mark Wilson was top dog with 56lb. Ian Millen had 42lb and Tony Winnick 38lb.

A prawn on the lead – and chopped prawns in his groundbait – plus an intimate knowledge of Whitings, 
saw Tom Hewer ‘chuffed 
to bits’ when he landed the 
5-1 chub on his one and 
only cast of the day... smashing his PB by more than 2lb.

German visitor Martin Behr has been using his continental lure-fishing skills to catch perch to 1.8 kilo (almost 4lb) from Caldecotte...and reckons there are lot of fish of that stamp currently showing there.

Towcester, town Tove: John Balhatchett 11-2 roach and dace, Baz Eaton 9-14, Dave Gibbons 7-10.

MK vets, Cosgrove cut: Roger Tebbutt 9-15, Bob Gale 8-1, Kevin Osborne 7-11.

Olnet, Ouse: Paul Caton 10-1, Pete Hawley 7-7, Dave Partridge 7-1.

Towcester vets: Navvi canal: Ron Collins 8-5; Chris Howard 4-14, Gerald Greene 4-10.

Dats, Navvi canal: John Stutely 3-13-8, Dave Pearson 3-6, Steve Wright 3-5.

Linford, Wilderness canal: John Hough 3-9, Mick Hefferon 2-13, Steve Funnell 1-9.

Calvert, ‘Uni’ Ouse section, Buckingham: James Lewis 4-9, Dave Lewis 3-9, Dave Ridgeway 2-4.

Kingfisher, disappointed after their first Whitings Ouse match in years: Mick Reynolds 3-3 punch roach, Jeff Duguid 0-8, John White 0-4. Dry nets aplenty...

Fixtures: Sunday, DATS’ Ouse Xmas match, 07703 556788; Dec 21 Alders Christmas open, 07860 235655; Jan 1 MKAA hangover open Stony Ouse, 07703 556788