Glyn limps home at end of 145-mile marathon mission

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MK marathon man Glyn Raymen completed his toughest ever challenge when he ran more than 140 miles in the space of just 45 hours.

Taking on the notorious Grand Union Canal Race, he ran from Birmingham all the way to London, following the canal in a time of 44 hours 22 minutes to finish in 48th place out of 53 competitors.

The event is considered to be Britain’s longest, toughest, non-stop running race, made all the more difficult as it has got to be completed inside 45 hours, with runners required to stop at checkpoints along the way at 10, 22, 36, 53 ,70, 84, 100, 120 and 133 miles, with all serving hot and cold drinks and snacks, and two serving hot food.

“The race went OK, until about 90 miles in when I got a large blister under my left foot,” said Raymen, who is a member with the Leighton Fun Runners.

“I carried on, but after 10 miles my right foot was in a lot of pain and swollen from over compensating. That is when the death march started.

“It was head down and just keep moving. I finished with 38 minutes to spare, in fourth from last, but having got my money’s worth.

“Fun Runners got behind me – not only with messages on Facebook and text, but a few even came out on route to either run with me or cheer me on.”