Karate man Ken Davies in 7th Dan heaven

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A CITY karate instructor is well on his way to mastering the martial arts having just received his 7th Dan – one level below the professional ranks in the Japanese system used to judge a player’s ability.

Ken Davies has studied and taught karate for 40 years and was awarded the 7th Dan after a three-day training session and grading examination with Hanshi Shiro Asano, the 9th Dan chief instructor of the Shotokan Karate International European Federation and head instructor of Great Britain.

Davies is the reigning European Masters Kata champion, having won gold in Hungary last year. He has also won four silver medals and one bronze at European Championships in Sheffield and Odessa in the Ukraine.

He has been the National Champion in Kumite and Kata, and Grand Champion in both categories. In his long career Davies has competed at four World Championships in Bali, South Africa, Japan and Greece where he has reached the quarter finals each time, and has been picked to compete in the next World Championships in Sydney, Australia in November this year.

Davies has lived in Milton Keynes for 37 years, so most of his karate life as a student and instructor has been in the city. However, he has travelled extensively to train with his instructor Hanshi Asano and has trained under such instructors as Kancho Kanazawa 10th Dan, Sensie Norio Nagai 9th Dan, Sensie Kenji Sode 8th Dan, and many more high graded Japanese and British instructors.

After running a karate club for many years, Davies decided to concentrate on just training to attain the level it required to attain the 7th Dan. But he does still teach as a guest instructor at various clubs around the UK.

Davies is pictured with his instructor Hanshi Asano and Paul Mead, the 7th Dan current European Kumite gold medallist.