Lots of catches for local lads


Taking a trip out of town really paid off for four city lads – as they shared more than 50 barbel from the mighty river Trent!

And the two-day safari saw them all net doubles, fish to 12-4, among the 52 whiskers landed from the Collingham AA stretch at Newark.

Linford Tackle’s Alf Walker and pals Colin Cooper, Francis McConville and Nick found the river in top form with bite after bite keeping them cheerfully busy throughout their time on the bank.

But there was barbel action much nearer home for Paul ‘Nipper’ Stuart as he tried his hand with a pole on MKAA’s Ouse, near the weir, at Stony Stratford...landing a 9-8 whiskers from a section far from noted for the species.

“I could not believe what I hooked as I have heard nothing but detriment and ill health about this stretch...I had an excellent day with a net full of a range of fish...wish I had my phone with me for some snaps.” he said.

The cut has been fishing for some – amid the holiday boat armada – with Willards’ Sean Wilson getting good roach nets – on elderberries.

He’s also had carp to 3lb on punch in the Bradwell area, presumably from MKAA’s stocking of small ‘supacarp’ a year or three back.

It was GoneFishin one and two as, in MK’s summer league’s final round, GF Blue won on Furzton – after a points tie with stablemates GF Red – with Black Horse third. The three squads finished in the same overall league order.

Blue’s Darren Davis was top individual on the day with 38-2, and league champ as well in a star-studded field featuring the likes of serial England gold medallist Steve Ringer in what was notionally a ‘club level’ series.

League: GF Blue 155, GF Red 140. Horse 106, Maver Black 100, DATS & Maver Red both 99, Tackle Hub 91, Maver Green 82, Royal Oak 76, Kingfisher 1 59, KF 2 35.

DATS’ evening series finished predictably: with Ernie Sattler 20 points clear of the rest. Paul Chapman won the final round (Cosgrove cut) with 6-1 as Ernie had second on 5-1.

Osprey, Lakeside (silverfish): Ian Warby 28-11 (450 small roach), Brian Ritchie 27-8, Mark Wilson 23-9.

MK Vets, Brackley lake; Austin Maddock 21-4, Ernie Sattler 16-1, Les Smith 13-9.

Calvert, Claydon Lake: Derek Bishop 13-2, John Weatherall 6-15, Ron Hillier 4-14.

Linford, Wilderness cut: Richard Massey 3-5, Roy Hefferon 3-2, Pete Whatley 2-15.

Festival fixtures: Furzton closed Saturday (float-only) and Monday (open).

Sat Sep 5, ladies, Tear Drop 2 and Sep 12, canal, juniors, call 01908 320007; Sep 25-27, Furzton, carp pairs match 01908 313158.