Mike banks a monster in Bradwell

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As temperatures climbed through the week, fish kept on feeding for match anglers and specimen hunters alike, writes Trevor Johnson.

And despite parked-car thermometers reading into the 30s (90s old money) on Sunday, Osprey had a ball at Lakeside as Keiran Chavder won their match with 150lb. Chris Lovelock netted 95lb and Rob Napper 126lb.

Banking carp to 20+ at Furzton last week, Mike L’Honore reporting through Willards, avoided listening to Kings of Leon playing at The National Bowl by trying his luck at Bradwell Lake where he caught fish to 20-2 (pictured).

And Tackle Hub’s Dave Sassoon was a happy lad when he travelled to North London’s Thorney fishery and banked a carp known as ‘red spot’ at 40-3.

GoneFishin’s Richard Swan and Ricky Wright went their own ways: Ricky bagging 20+lb of silvers in an evening on Furzton and ‘Swanny’ getting a 12lb Tear Drops’ mirror while showing his offspring how to fish floater.

On Towcester’s Astwell Mill, midweek, Les Goodridge had 14 tench and four solid bream, while Mike Sando had tench to 3-8 and TWO rudd topping 2lb each – all on worm and corn.

Local river catch reports are still rare, but Olney’s Keith Mitchell had a 6-5 Ouse bream and Doug Lee a 5. Tim and Jim Ray made a daybreak start on Newport’s Ouse to catch a shedload of perch and a 5lb pike.

Saturday’s MKAA individual league second leg (Furzton) saw Phil Bardell with 26-9, Myles Philips on 14-12 and Roger Clutton 14-5-8 of roach. Paul Hamilton leads.

Towcester’s Flecknoe do saw John Broughton win with 68lb of carp as Jim Walsh caught 44lb and Bob Eales 43-12.

MK vets’ midweek Furzton sweep ended with Ernie Sattler having 23-10 followed by Ken Mott 17-6 and Alan Ford 16-4.

The latest DATS’ evening match, New Inn cut section, saw Richard Lattimer with 10-3-4 of hemp roach ahead of Mark Morgan 5-13-12 and Mark Haynes 4-4-8.

Calvert’s Claydon Lake do was won by Dave Lewis, 6-8. Tony Richardson had 5-15 with Barry Witteridge oh so close on 5-14.

Some seemingly believe Environment Agency bailiffs can’t check their rod licences unless accompanied by police – “Because Trevor put it in the paper...”

Oh no I DIDN’T! I said EA and police officers now occasionally make joint patrols.

PLEASE, just get a rod licence and obey the EA bye-laws. If you don’t, and get nicked – be it by someone in green or blue anti-stab vest – DON’T go blaming me!

MKAA bailiffs have, by the way, the right to ask to see, and be shown, a rod licence before selling anyone a day or season ticket. Please just carry yours, show it when asked, and save everyone grief. Why is that so hard?

FIXTURE: Tuesday (July 1) Olney river open, call 01234 240061.