MK runners star in city’s half marathon

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Despite the miserable wet weather, the Milton Keynes Festival of Running attracted a record number of 620 finishers for the 10k, although the half marathon race was slightly less than last year with 2,734 crossing the line.

The overall race winner was Richard Williams of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, taking 1h 11m 44s, only six seconds clear of 2nd placed Rick Weston of Serpentine. In 3rd place, and leading the large Marshall Milton Keynes AC contingent home on the day, was Marcin Fudalej in 1h 12m 10s. And in 16th was Stephen Herring (2nd M40) in a time of 1h 17m 12s.

Next back for the club was 23rd Mark Dowson 1h 18m 48s, followed by 28th Daniel Webber 1h 19m 28s, 42nd Gary Blaber 1h 21m 04s, 67th Wendy Webber 1h 23m 15s, 69th Chris Cahill (M40) 1h 23m 27s, 91st John Skelton (1st M60) 1h 25m 15s, 121st Martin Erasmus (M45) 1h 26m 41s, 143rd Ian Wood 1h 27m 46s, 150th Neil Jones 1h 28m 24s, 190th Chris Youens 1h 29m 17s, 193rd Andrew Stiles (M45) 1h 29m 48s, 210th Sam Daniells 1h 30m 35s, 270th Paul Mason (2nd M60) 1h 32m 48s, 395th Juile Dalzell (1st F45) 1h 36m 05s, 424th Chris Worton (M45) 1h 36m 51s, 483rd Katie Penrose (F35) 1h 38m 41s, 495th Ian Davey 1h 39m 06s, 935th Lawrence Richardson (M40) 1h 49m 05s, 1143rd Michelle Simonds 1h 51m 22s, 1252nd John Wilcox (M45) 1h 53m 07s, 1261st Tony Byrne (M50) 1h 53m 39s, 1329th Jason Carvalho 1h 56m 21s, 1558th Peter Tye (M40) 2h 00m 21s, 2337th Peter Osullivan 2h 15m 05s and 2490th Jim McKellar (1st M75) 2h 26m 05s. And finally in 2734th place was Paul Smith (M55) who crossed the line in 3h 32m 47s.

The first female runner home was 32nd Jenny Jagger (Bristol & West) in 1h 19m 47s, with 54th Rebecca Mayles in 2nd with 1h 22m 16s and 63rd Laura Cowley (Herts Phoenix AC) in 3rd spot for the ladies with a time of 1h 22m 44s.

The winner of the 10K run was Phil Holland of Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers in a time of 33m 14s, with 2nd going to Michal Glowacki from Milton Keynes AC and 3rd was Matt Davison (Preston) 33m 58s.

The winning female was 20th Helen Nuttall of Dick Pond Fast Track, completing the course in 40m 42s, with 33rd Gini Cumming 43m 18s in 2nd and in hot pursuit 34th Kaisa Larkas-Mossop 3rd in 43m 30.

The other Milton Keynes runners completing the 10k were: 12th Ian Van Lokven (1st M50) 37m 26s, 18th Tom Pownall 40m 44s, 22nd Ivor Howard (3rd M50) 40m 49s, 27th Nick Washington 41m 57s, 30th Michael Kelly (1st M55) 42m 36s, 31st Kelvin Smith (1st M60) 42m 54s, 71st Dan Weinbren (M50) 47m 28s, 300th Miriam Wainbren 59m 06s and 615th Jo Greenslade (F40) 1h 55m 07s.