Orbit jumpers qualify for nationals

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Six Orbit Trampoline Club members travelled to Bath in a bid to qualify for the British Championships, and four of them did exactly that.

The club’s youngest competitor, Lewis Wheeler, got off to a fine start in the Men’s U17 age group, scoring enough points to carry him through to the British Championships in July, and secure promotion to the highest group Fig A.

He showed some great height and stylish form on the day, and although he slipped from 3rd place in the qualifying round to 7th in the final, he had already won his spurs.

In the U19 Ladies, Dayle Walker also performed very well to reach the magic mark for the British Championships, earning 6th place in qualifying, where she remained in the final.

Martyn Howard made an uncharacteristic technical error, losing a whole mark from each judge in the O19 Men’s, but almost made the top 50 per cent by virtue of his fine voluntary routine as he ended in 11th place out of 20.

The following day saw three National C graders in action and it was Alice Day’s first venture into national competition. She showed that she can live with the U19 Ladies, staying well above the relegation zone in 21st place.

Hollie Leung, in the U17 girls group, is on her way back from a long recovery, having toiled with her demons without competition for four years!. She answered all the questions and jumped with good height and lovely precision to qualify for the British Championships at the first attempt, while coming 10th in the final.

Last but not least was her brother, Hogan, who warmed up well, but was then beset with nerves.

His compulsory was safe, but nothing more, and much more was necessary.

He raised his game though, performing a good voluntary to also qualify for the Championships, and then went on to secure 3rd place on the day with a fine final routine.

For those who didn’t progress through to the British Championships there will be four more opportunities to do so before July.

Pictured are Hollie and Hogan Leung.