Ouse in Olney gives up the big catches


Olney’s Ouse finally came to life with a blistering out-of-the-blue burst of big fish on Sunday.

Adam Short lead the way – fishing a swim he’d never bothered much with before – banking a 7-14 chub...beating the club record he had set three years earlier by an ounce.

And, taking garlic spam on a feeder and rod-top isotope indicators, the fish came just 30 minutes into an after-dark session.

And this meant after all the excitement was over, the Two Brewers joint manager was back well before time for ‘last orders’.

Hours beforehand, Olney’s Willen Hospice charity open had seen its share of the action, too.

Nigel Porter won with 21-6 on worm on the lead, which included perch to 3-8, chub to 3-8 and a 5-12 tench – AND he lost a big chub.

A huge, by river standards, bream of 8-4 and perch to 2-6 helped Don King to 13-15 as Paul Chapman netted 12-4 of roach on the pole.

Way upstream on the Tove, Towcester’s match went to Paul Keal with 16lb of perch to 2-8 on poled worm.

A long way adrift, John ‘the vicar’ Broughton had 4-12 and Graham Martin 3-4.

Osprey’s Arrans Lake trip saw half-a-dozen people topping 100lb as the carp and rudd went on a feeding spree.

Gareth Price had 130lb 
followed by Des Proud 
125lb and Peter Carter 111lb.

The man who should have won with 138lb...was disqualified for breaking the club’s 60lb max per net rule.

At the other end of the 
scale Kingfisher found the Bletchley Stoke Road ‘suicide’ canal section in dour, clear, mood.

After three hours without a single bite between them, things lit up for a couple of seconds as Dean Warren hooked a tiny perch... only to lose it again.

Colin Chart was the eventual winner with a tiny stripey. And they still enjoyed themselves.

So did those on the latest Willards’ ‘works outing’, despite another group blank piking the Emberton Park Ouse and lakes.

Dats’ do on the Main saw Kevin Osborne with 8-7-8 of small chub, dace and roach. Dave Tysoe, who lost four good fish, had 4-3 and Bob Gale 0-10.

A 5-3 bream put Barry Witteridge top of Calvert’s Claydon Lake sweep with Dawn Green on 1-3 and Charlie Green (beaten by his wife – again) 1-2.

Maver MK’s Roly McEneaney topped Sunday’s Meadowlands teams-of-three round with 83-4.

Major works improving Alders are proceeding apace. Should be quite a place when it’s finished.

Beacon voted former MK Angling Centre boss Brian Haynes in as chairman when long-serving Steve Emerton retired.

Fixtures: Mar 7, MKAA Grand Slam, Stony Ouse, 07703 556788.