Ouse match produces over 500lb

Karol Tejer with 18lb Bradwell Lake carp
Karol Tejer with 18lb Bradwell Lake carp

Another week...and more proof the Ouse is on a silverfish roll – producing ever-better results as we head towards winter!

For weeks now local Ouse silverfish catches have been on the up from Toombes and Stony Main down through Adams to Sherington Bridge, despite low levels and heavy weed, with match after match yielding double-figure nets.

And downstream of here Sunday’s Bedford Hospital Cup saw the Oakley-through-Kempston stretch come alive with the best nets yet as 70 rods bagged well over 500lb – predominantly roach!

Alex Graham won with 24-4, ahead of Peter Jeas on 19-10, with Paul Chapman on 19-8 and Steve Draculik 16-5.

Myles Philips, Paul Caton, Pete Hawley, Lee Jones and James Draculik were among city lads missing the top five but all winning sections with double-figures as the match raised over £800 for charity.

Contractors electro-fishing the Grand Union for zander have now had close to 2,000 – totalling more than 1.5 tons – the bulk of them caught from the northern half of the Three Locks to Whilton section worked. Some might be surprised by the number of carp, into the 20s, they also ‘turned over’.

OSPREY have been on a real match-carp fest, starting with a two-day midweeker at Decoy which saw Pete Carter tie with Ian Millin on points but win on weight by 241lb to 170. Andy Adam was third.

In ‘Help the Heroes’ at Decoy, Saturday, they helped raise more than £500 as Neil Fenner won with 89lb followed by Ian Millin 71-15 – then next day it was on to Alders where Pete Archer had 246lb, Rick Quick 226lb and Ed Blane 220lb.

MKAA individual league, Mill Road cut: Paul Abbott 8-2-8 inc a 1lb ‘kitten’ (baby catfish), Ernie Sattler 7-15-8, Kevin Osborne 3-13-8. Final round, Sept 25, Toombes, 01234 713144.

TOWCESTER, Wappenham Water: Gerald Green 72-12, John Broughton 22-8, John Balhatchett 17-4.

MK VETS, Heron Lake: Austin Maddock 28-14, Tony Richardson 12-9, Steve Chilton 12lb.

KINGFISHER, Lodge Lake: Jeff Duguid 6-3 (golden peg), Neil Richardson 4-15, Paul Hack 4-6.

CALVERT, Claydon Lake: Ted Brown 2-10, Dave Ridgeway 2-7, John Weatherall 1-7.

WHILE others were banking 20s from Furzton, Phil Mapp had a surprise of a different sort...when fellow carper Danie Grobbler presented him with burger and chips to celebrate his birthday. Great bankside camaraderie down there.

FIXTURES: Tues (Sep 13) Olney open; Sep 18 Olney’s Citizen Ouse Cup Ouse – up to £1,000 (£500 guaranteed) in prizes and only 60 tickets! – 01234 240061.

Sep 24 British canal-pairs champs heat Peartree Bridge, 01159 061301 or www.anglingtrust.net

CHANGE: Tear Drop 2 OPEN Sep 10 (cancelled match). CLOSURES: Furzton Sep 23-25, charity carp open.