Paul’s perch personal best

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A flood of PBs tumbled to rods on Olney’s Ouse in the river season’s dying days despite bitter east winds seemingly straight from Siberia!

Friday the 13th may have been unlucky for some but not for Paul Callan as he upped his perch best to 4-3 (on link-legered worm) thanks to advice from Dave Partridge and Olley Hulston - or for Ross Deadman who netted a 6-14 chub.

Partridge had already banked his best ever stripey brace – ‘twins’ of 3-2 apiece while Justin Gardner had a PB 3-1 and Paul Hodgson a 4-12 PB chub.

Upstream on MKAA’s Ravenstone Mike Sando tangled with what could have been the river pike of a lifetime! A jack on his mackerel bait was in turn grabbed by a whacker estimated at “way over 20” but which eventually let go again after taking a chunk out of the luckless smaller fish.

On Lodge (now closed until June 16) Tackle Hub staffer Bob Gale had a ball with the bream – netting 17 fish to just over 7lb on feeder.

Cut fishing at Fenny Tommy Boyce netted perch to 2-8.

Amazing how long some people take to learn fish welfare rules. One man could easily have won Osprey’s Arrans Lake do with 250lb...but came nowhere after having two nets disallowed for over-crowding. Pete Carter won with 111lb as Mark Carter weighed 105lb and Des Proud 100lb.

MK Vets, Riverside, Ouzel: Ken Mott 11-2, Steve Chilton 9-7, Nigel Steel 7-12.

Olney, midweek, Ouse: Nigel Porter 9-15, Neil Shearn 9-15 and Paul Caton 8-8.

MKAA Grand Slam, Stony Ouse: Paul Chapman 9-14, Ernie Sattler 8-9-12, Kevin Osborne 7-1, Mick Reynolds 5-3.

Towcester, Tove: Graham Martin 9-8, Dave Gibbins 7lb, Mick Goodridge 4-8.

Kingfisher, Furzton: Robin Lett 5-2, Austin Maddock 1-7, rest did not weigh.

DATS, Stony Island, Ouse: Bob Gale 4-14, Kevin Osborne 4-6, rest did not weigh.

Towcester Vets, Tove: Grenville Read 0-9, Graham Martin and John Balhatchett both 0-8.

Down for a day on Whitings, Lancashire lad Steve Plant got home again to find he’d left his 3 piece Shimano quiver rod up against a bush in the Galleon car park. If some honest soul did find it and reads this... please call him on 07712 051862.

Fixtures: Saturday, Summerfields Lake (‘tween Bedford and Shefford) trout season starts; April 1, MKAA AGM, Irish Club, Manor Fields; April 12, MKAA spring canal league opener 07703 556788; May 3 AT & CRT national pairs champs round, Yardley Gobion cut, practice opens April 12, 19 & 26 07711 086436.