Peter victorious in race where fastest doesn’t win

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AT the ever popular Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club’s Watchless Wolverton five mile, where the fastest time does not necessarily win the race, 31 runners contested the run around the original Wolverton five circuit.

While speed is useful, what really counts is the ability to complete the course as close to the runner’s predicted time as possible without the aid of watches, etc.

Amazingly once again four finishers were within 10 seconds of their target time, with the best being Peter O’Sullivan who took 44m 57s for the run, but just 3s faster than expected.

In joint 2nd place, both 7s out, from predicted were Jeremy Vick 29m 37s and Andy Sutton 32m 53s, while in 4th Kevin Church 38m 47s missed his mark by just 9s.

In 5th place was George Hapeshi 43m 13s (13s) followed by 6th Mervyn Phillips 33m 37s (22s), 7th Paul Mason 34m 46s, (29s), 8th Tony Byrne 39m 53s (36s), 9th Ursula Ghaleb 44m 25s (42s), 10th Keith Cook 39m 01s (47s), 11th Jim Miller 41m 42s (48s), 12th Brian Daniells 41m 41s (49s), 13th Chris Mahon 34m 55s (50s), tie 14th Chris Ryder and Jane Goodey both finishing in 46m 59s (54s) in joint 16th Andrew Wasdell 30m 39m and Johann Vick 40m 17s, both 1m 06s out, 18th Carl Baldwin 43m 33s (1m 12s), 19th Malcolm Down 32m 51s (1m 15s), 20th Kelvin Smith 37m 33s (1m 37s), 21st Steve Howe 39m 15s (1m 45s), 22nd Geoff New 38m 22s (2m 03s), 23rd Martin McPheat 35m 47s (2m 13s), 24th Chris Youens 34m 36s (2m 54s), 25th Diane Baldwin 35m 48s (2m 58s), 26th Dave Findel-Hawkins 47m 00s (3m 00s), while collecting the ‘wooden spoon’ was 27th Hazel Cockerill in 52m 56s (4m 25s).

However, it has to be said that race organiser Brian Graves obviously took pity on the three walkers with tie 28th place Chris Daniells and Edla Cook taking 84m 15s, missing their target by 7m 45s, and 31st Geoff Pucci 82m 18s (16m 18s). While 30th Estevan Silva 53m 31s drifted off course in the dark and was 13m 31s behind schedule!