Plenty of chub available down on the river

Kane Thompson
Kane Thompson

Fancy a big chub? Then get down to the river, quick – there are a few coming out despite the weather!

A long run of blanks and near-blanks ended happily for MK Piker when, in a session on the local Ouse, a tap he expected to produce yet another tiddler turned into a rod-thumping battle ending with a 6-4 in the net!

DAYS earlier – downstream of MK and Newport – Den Reid was also on the Ouse after dark...bagging a new personal best chevin at 6-11.

It fell to luncheon meat on, amazingly, the first time he had ever used the 'traditional' bait in his long career. Now he's convinced that was no fluke as, a week later, he used it to hook into another cracker which, sadly, got away.

There are nice river roach to be had too, and Gary Maton had a 1-7 (plus chub to 3lb) in an afternoon on the Ouzel. GoneFishin's Pete Lima had a 4-2 chub on Olney's Ouse section.

AT the other end of the scale – spare a thought for Arthur Terrill who, also on the Ouzel, hooked into a whacker. But his glee quickly turned into something else as the canny fish transferred his hook to what turned out to be...a kiddies' fishing net.

SCHOOLBOY Kane Thompson took time out from work-experience at Fishing Republic to fish Bluebell Lake – and came up with a nice 13lb mirror. The 'slightly' older Roy Crigliano was equally chuffed with a cracking 20-12 golden common on Lodge.

TOVE Valley, Lakeside: Mark Morgan 51-7, Phil Steele 47-12, Phil Abbott 46-7.

WATERS Edge open Black Horse Pit: Mick Moody 49-8 (bream), Nick Cawap 18-10, Steve Wills 9-8.

MKAA individual league third round, Riverside Ouzel: Steve Carr made the most of being pegged immediately below the bridge where people regularly feed bread to the ducks, winning with 9-6 of punch roach.

Alan Ford had 5-10 (a chub and a perch), and Nigel Bass 4-10. With one round to go Steve Carr leads on 57 points.

TOWCESTER Vets, Ringstead Nene: Pete Ely 14-2 seed roach Andy Webster 7-6, Dave Prodger 7-1.

CALVERT, Buckingham Ouse: Dave Lewis 5-4, Austin Maddock 2-5, Barry Witteridge 0-15.

MK Vets, Canal, Simpson: Colin Chart 2-13, Kevin Osborne 2-8, Ernie Sattler 1-2.

FIXTURES: Saturday, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061; Feb 18; MKAA individual league 01234 713144; Feb 25 British Pike Champs qualifier, Sherington Pits, 07952 812527, March 4 Lakeside open, book Tove Valley FB page.