Rod breakers in Caldecotte?

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Is Caldecotte Lake now home to mega perch big enough to smash the British rod-caught record?

Lure angler Marcin Petelczyk landed a cracker 46 centimetres long – more than 18 inches in ‘old money’ – while roving around the lake last week...and said: “It was over 6lbs that’s for sure...”

The British record is currently shared by two fish of 6-3: both landed in 2011, one from a Sussex commercial and the other from Tring’s Wilstone Reservoir.

It is a mainland-European habit to rank predator captures by length of fish, rather than weight, and Marcin wasn’t carrying any scales – this time.

Snatching a quick picture of it in a 30 inch net, in which it looks enormous, he returned it quickly without getting witnesses or a ‘selfie’ because the fish was in spawn. It fell to a 4.5 inch red and yellow ‘rubber-tail’.

The MK area already holds the British barbel record, a 21-1 fish from MKAA’s Adams Mill in 2006.

That 90 acre Caldecotte could produce a record perch is, perhaps, not an outlandish notion. It is a relatively lightly stocked ‘high-growth’ water compared with most local big stillwaters, is known to hold carp to at least 40lb, has produced pike over 30lb, double-figure tench, roach to 3lb and roach-bream hybrids in excess of 4lb.

Just like Willen, over the years differing species have enjoyed a ‘zenith’ period before being surpassed by another. Are we reaching a golden age for Caldecotte perch?

When Denis ‘Gramps’ Stoyles tried Tear Drops he bagged the 26-12 common pictured being held by son Alex, who had an 18.

There is unconfirmed – so far – word of an 11lb tench from Mount Farm Pit and, according to other reports reaching Tackle Hub, carp to 22lb are being caught there.

Kingfisher’s Mick Reynolds, reporting through bailiff Ron Earnshaw, had double figures of canal skimmers and a 3lb tench, near the Lakes Estate, Sunday.

Paul Abbott topped Newport’s Abbey Pits open with 14-4 – 7-2 of which was the bream pictured. Paul Chapman had 13lb and Terry Lambert included two tench in his 12-7.

Oaprey’s trip to Decoy saw Tony Macgregor win with 156lb of method carp. John Cosby had 84lb, Ian Millin 83lb.

DATS’s Cosgrove canal fished up a storm for George Mynard in Towcester Vets’ midweek do as he won with 16-5 of skimmers. Gerald Read had 7-15, Chris Howard 7-11.

Towcester’s Wappenham Water sweep saw Mick Goodridge win with a 2-8 barbel plus roach to 12 ounces for 15-1. John Broughton had 6-4 and Gerald Green 1-8.

Linford’s canal sweep went to Mick Hefferon with 6-8 as Steve Funnell had 4-12 and Patrick Hefferon (Mick’s grandson) 2-7.

Fixtures: Sunday, MK canal (Nagles to Phelps Road) closed for league match.