Rumours of huge Willen pike are just a red herring

Roger Stratton
Roger Stratton

All week the local piking world has been awash with warp-speed rumours of a Willen Lake 30+. But the tales are almost certainly just that – baseless rumours.

One variant has it that veteran snapper-catcher Roger Stratton weighed the fish in at 31-6 for an unknown angler.

But he swears that he did no such thing...though he DID personally land a 24-2 ‘from an MKAA stillwater’ which was witnessed by Floyd Edwards who also witnessed another man’s 24 from Willen.

And Mike Reveller – wrongly quoted by some as the source of the ‘super-pike’ tale – has been bailiffing the lake regularly since Christmas and has yet to see anything bigger than a 19 going on 20.

That said, Mike HAS heard of three guys who apparently told another that they were fishing for a new MKAA record pike...which is a long, long way short of actually catching one!

>> Auctioning off a carp rod has helped Gary Sayer raise almost £70 for Willen Hospice.

>>Osprey’s Lakeside match saw Lee Jones top with 132lb ahead of Tony Taylor 99lb and Gary Price 96lb.

>> This year’s MKAA winter league is being run as an individual series and Sunday’s opener fell to Tackle Hub-backed Tommy Boyce with 7-3 from the Willowbridge marina cut section. Pete Patten had 4-1 and Paul Abbott 3-14. Anyone wanting to join in the Jan 24 round (river, if not flooded) call 07970 047506.

>> Newport, rapidly rising Abbey Pits: Dave Tebbutt (pictured) 8-2 including a 3lb tench, Andy Skelton 6-6, Paul Hamilton 5-1.

>> MK Vets, Willowbridge cut: Ernie Sattler 6-2, Kevin Osborne 4-6, Nigel Steel 3-13.

>> MKAA Hangover open, Bradwell canal: Bob Gale 6-2, Pete Whatley 2-10, Paul Chapman 2-5-8.

>> Calvert, Woodfield Lake: Barry Witteridge 1-10, Dudley Frankland 1-5, Derek Bishop 1lb.

>> Sad news: John ‘Bucko’ Buxton, aged 66, died following a heart attack, before Christmas. Well-known for organising charity matches, including the Terrie Tapp memorial, John and those taking part had raised more than £26,000 in recent years, benefitting the likes of Willen Hospice, Rainbows and Macmillan Nurses.

Back in the late 1980s he owned and ran Towcester Tackle and, during that spell, spent a chunk of his time and money encouraging youngsters – my son among them – into the sport.

A good bloke. Not surprising that it was standing-room only at his send-off.

>> Fixtures: Sunday, British Pike Champs qualifier, Sherington Pits, 07952 812527