Sam’s the man in Olney

Sam Corteze
Sam Corteze

It was big fish or nothing for most who braved the weekend's Siberian winds – usually the odd chub to those wandering the river banks.

Among those were a pair to 5-4 caught by Den Reid on his favourite bread flake, while Neil Richardson had EIGHT to 4-5 (and four roach) from the Ouse in what, given the conditions, was a frantic three hours.

Earlier in the week a 6-3 chub had fallen to – Sam Corteze who was fishing double PINKIE – and together with a few smaller fish, put him top of Olney's Tuesday match.

Second in that went to Andy Webster with two 2lb+ perch and 10 roach for 7-6 with Alan Carr third on 6-4 of chublets. Pete Hawley had 4-9 with Les Wallace fifth with just one fish...a 3-0-8 perch.

KEVIN Osborne was in a world of his own, Sunday, in a knock-up on the Ouzel Bully section. Drawn on a peg seemingly containing every roach for miles around, he trotted bronze maggot under stickfloat on running line for 14-4 – mostly good quality redfins! The others looked on...and didn't bother to weigh-in.

MK Matchgroup's Ian Smith was on the Nene up at Islip were he had a brace of 7lb bream and roach to a pound.

OSPREY'S Lawn Farm, Cambs, trip was a dour do by their standards as Martin Faulkner won with 57lb followed by Steve Carthy 31lb and Colin Drage 26lb.

ALDERS: midweek, Trevor Price 83lb, Graham West 72lb, Lee Newson 69lb; Sunday, Price 63lb, Colin Fosdyke 25lb, Richard Brain 20lb.

TOWCESTER Vets, Bugbrooke canal, Wednesday: Tosh Saunders 5-12...3lb of which was one perch, Grenville Read 4-11, Brian Ayliff 4-9.

MK Vets, Bradwell canal, Wednesday: Paul Chapman 5-6, Neil Hughes 2-11, Martin Cunniffe 2-3.

OLNEY, Ouse open, Sunday: Alan Lambert 4-6 (two perch), Pete Hawley 4-0-8 (inc a 3-3 tench), Dave Partridge 2-5-8.

CALVERT, Ouse, Buckingham: Charlie Green 3lb, Dave Lewis 2-15, Barry Witteridge 1-1.

NENE-Towcester, Grafton Regis canal: Andy Kimpton 1-1, Bas Eaton 0-14, Dave Gibbins 0-10 – all had one perch apiece.

A DEADBAIT in the cut at Fenny brought Nuala Grey a superbly conditioned 13lb pike.

THE Canal River Trust's Stoke Bruerne open weekend saw over A THOUSAND people viewing a fish tank holding samples of local species. A fantastic profile-raiser for fish and fishing among the general public! Nene coaches provided 'come and try' sessions for youngsters prepared to endure the weather.

FIXTURES: Sunday, MKAA individual league round (river) 07970 047506; Tuesday and Feb 25 (now switched to the Sat) Olney Ouse opens 01234 240061.