Springers gymnastics kids beam-ing with delight

editorial image

PICTURED above are some delighted MK Springers youngsters trying out the club’s new balance beam – the same one that this year’s London 2012 gymnastics gold medals were won and lost on.

With Olympic equipment being sold to sports clubs around the country, Springers were quick to snap up this almost as good as new beam for 20 per cent less than the market price.

Still containing the hand prints and chalk marks from the world’s best gymnasts who performed on it at North Greenwich Arena, the beam was delivered to Springers’ Kiln Farm centre this week.

“There is a real buzz around the gym because of it,” said club manager Felicity Candler-O’Donnell. “We were contacted by Gymnova – the official suppliers for London – about the beam, so we bid for it, and won.

“In the past our gymnasts were at a slight disadvantage at competitions, due to the lack of a full-size competition beam.

“Knowing that Olympic champion Deng Linlin from China and the top Americans Alexandra Raisman and Gabrielle Douglas have all used this beam will no doubt spur the girls to even greater things.”

MK Springers provide gymnastics for girls and boys from tots to teens and can be contacted on 01908 217788 or enquiries@mkspringers.com