Swan Pit gets some much needed renovation

A WARM spell Furzton 19 for Miles Jones
A WARM spell Furzton 19 for Miles Jones

At last – after decades of hoping, and campaigning – Newport are looking forward to major restoration of their choked-up Swan Pit!

Saturday's AGM heard that Anglian Water is preparing to de-silt the 15-acre water over six months starting in April.

DICK Bateman with Adams Mill chub

DICK Bateman with Adams Mill chub

Originally up to 18 feet deep it has, since AW's Cottonvalley sewage treatment works opened in the 80s, been a 'settlement tank' for effluent from the works...with 'solids' building up to almost reach the surface in places.

Access is being improved to accommodate the two trucks a day needed to remove sediment after it has been pumped out, filtered and dried.

Club chairman Ade Watson said: "Obviously there will be disruption...but in the long-term we will hopefully end up with an improved track, better parking, and a lake returned to a properly fishable condition."

With Cottonvalley's current output said to be much improved, the future is looking good. But...should the 'works ever suffer a major breakdown, untreated incoming sewage will be dumped in the Swan as a first-line of defence for the nearby river. Fingers crossed.

NIKKI Bolton with double-figure canal pike

NIKKI Bolton with double-figure canal pike

MEMBERS also heard the club has added a further 20 fast-growing carp – to just short of double figures – to the Big Pit.

LAKESIDE, near Towcester, has just had some 400lb of carp, into double-figures, added with more to come.

ON the bank for the first time in three months, Adam Short had a 5-8 chub on Olney's Ouse. Miles Jones had a 19lb Furzton common while, reporting through Willards, Nikki Bolton had two 10lb mark Bletchley canal pike.

SEVEN former regulars on Adams in its heyday – including Bob Church and barbel record-holder Grahame King – shared a nostalgic session on the 'Mill, Saturday. Dick Bateman had a 3-2 chub, and everyone enjoyed the pub dinner...

MK Vets, Brackley Lake: Terry Lancaster 11-4, John Hewison 6-8, Dave Lewis 5-4.

MK individual winter league final round, Riverside Ouzel: Don King 8lb, Colin Chart 7-13 (inc a 6-15 bream), Alan Ford 6-2. Series winner Ernie Sattler with a weight advantage over King, also on 56 points, Paul Chapman 51 points.

Towcester/Nene, Tove (all roach): Chris Howard 7-12, Roger Pogiter 7-6, Les Goodridge 5-12.

NEWPORT pike match, Mount Farm Pit, saw Jake Stratton net a 15-6.

OLNEY, Ouse pike match: Barry Testro 10-5, Stuart Pell 7-11 (winning the club's series with 29-1 overall) Andy Crouch 3-14.

FIXTURES: Sat., Olney Ouse open, 01234 240061; Sun., MKAA golden peg, Stony Ouse 07970 047506.