Tench come on feed after the rain

Lee Marshall
Lee Marshall

That was the week of the tench that was – for some – as tincas went on feed in several local waters.

Rob Barra led the way with a magnificent 9-4 specimen from Rocla pit – a water treating him well as he banked a 33lb common there earlier in the year.

Phil Mapp

Phil Mapp

Among those also reporting tench, Jamie Boomer had a 6-8 – boosting his PB by 2 ounces – from Bradwell Lake, which Dave Dutton visited for the first time and caught his first-ever tench, at 5lb! Arthur Terrill had a Brad'll 4-8 and even I had one (smaller) while after the roach which have also come on feed.

Olney's Ouse produced a brace of five-pounders to over-nighter Paul Andrews.

On the carp front, Ian Bardell had a 27lb common from Newport's Big Pit and Joseph Green a 16-12. On MKAA's Lodge, Mike Carroll had a brilliant gold-coloured koi and seven other carp, including 'three scale' at 16-9.

Lee Marshall and Gary Owen have been having fun with Ashlands' mini-carp while Chris Hall was doing the same at Wolverton Mill.

PHIL Mapp – still roaming the Ouse for chub – had them to 5-6 this week, along with a 5lb fish he'd caught a month earlier and recognisable from marks on its flank which look just like finger-marks.

MIKE Reveller had a great session on the Ouzel and, fishing a spot from which he had a 1-12 roach seven years back...had three one-pound-plus redfins to 1-7 and lost two more good 'ins.

SATURDAY's MK individual league round, saw Alan Ford win with 26-14 of bream. Phil Wintle netted 21-5 and Paul Hamilton (now leading on 61 points) 20-7.

OSPREY, Alders: Ricky Quick 172lb, Ed Blane 164lb, Mark Quick 121lb.

CALVERT, Itter's Pit: Ben Holdaway 19-10, Dave Lewis 15-12, Barry Witteridge 10-4.

MK Vets, Tear Drops: Austin Maddock 13-2, Alan Ford 12-4, Les Smith 12-1.

LINFORD, 'wharf' canal: Nick Barker 8-10, Roy Hefferon 8-6, John Hough 4-12.

OLNEY, Ouse: Pete Hawley 5-14, Neil Shearn 3-1, Pete Laughton 2-11.

MKAA inter-club, Mill Road cut: Colin Chart 5-11, Steve Chilton 4-7, Paul Chapman 3-9.

FIXTURES: Sat (Aug 19) Tear Drops-Lodge closed, summer league; Aug 27, Black Horse Lake open, 01908 690969; Sept 9, individual league, Brush Mill and Toombes, 01234 713144.

FURZTON Festival opens: Aug 23, Ken Ball (over 55s) 01908 565446; Aug 26 float only and, Aug 28, Frank Swan – GoneFishin 01908 313158 for both.