The catches keep on coming

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As most shivered while struggling for weekend bites, Osprey’s top six bagged almost half a tonne of carp in the club’s latest match.

Despite ice on the water they were in a world of their own on Arrans, in Essex, as Gareth Price led the way with 145-2, narrowly beating Tony Winnock’s 144-8. Darren Cannock had 144-2, Julie Briscoe 136lb, Ian Warby 126, and Chris Lovelock 125lb...while the lowest weight of the match went 26lb.

No – that was NOT a misprint in last week’s column. Visitor Alan West did catch 73lb in five hours on the 
canal...without a carp in sight!

And in making what is almost certainly the biggest reported local Grand Union catch of all time – he landed some 70lb of that in just THREE frantic hours.

Yet the veteran had started the trip with few expectations, only going to the Yardley Gobion section to keep a mate company.

He said: “I stopped fishing canals four years ago, and now spend all my time on commercials.”

Feeding chopped worm and caster, he fished worm fragments on a 16 and had a couple of pounds of small fish in two hours...and then the biggies just ‘switched on’.

He landed 38lb of perch – best 3-0-8 – before bream to 4lb moved in to give him another 33lb, and a 73lb total.

His mate had 17lb, mainly skimmers, fishing a few yards further along the bank: a good catch by any standards but one which left him totally in the shade that day.

Reporting through Great Linford Tackle Martin Stewart had carp of 27lb, 26 and 25 in a Saturday night on the Pine dayticket lake.

MKAA ‘hangover’ open, Stony Ouse: Myles Phillips 13-2 (3 chub and bits), Paul Hamilton 10-4, Ernie Sattler 7-1.

MK Vets Christmas Eve do, Riverside Ouzel, Newport: Ron Heffron 16-4, Roger Tebbutt 7-15, Nigel Steele 7-8.

Towcester, Astwell Mill: Mick Goodridge 6-9 (inc an unseasonal 2lb tench), Kevin Nightingale 4lb, Paul Keele 3-4.

DATS, Navvi canal ‘big bend’: Dave McClennan 6-3, Colin Chart 3-3-8, Paul Hamilton 1-4-8 – thick white frost on the bank all day.

Calvert, Itter’s pit: the turn of the year saw things looking up for this stoical crew...just. Dawn Green 0-10 (scooping the golden peg – again!) Barry Witteridge 0-3, John Weatherall 0-2.

Fixtures: MKAA winter league starts Jan 11, call 07703 556788.