Three-day festival sees plenty of great catches

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If ever a club qualified as a lake-emptying match-machine, it has to be Osprey AC’s merry band of baggers!

Their latest three-day festival (there’s dedication for you) saw 18 of them land best part of two tonnes of fish – way over 4,000lb – from Lakeside, under less than ideal conditions.

Strangely their top two weights came on Sunday, when early-morning rain had put the carp in generally dour mood, as Chris Lovelock won with 278lb of carp ahead of Ed Blaine 225 and Bob Napper 121.

Friday had Ricky Green tie with Adam Griffiths on 128-8 followed by Pete Goode 125-4, while Saturday’s match fell to Blane on 176lb with Lovelock on 146 and Goode on 125lb.

Blaine, Green and Goode were top team over the weekend ahead of Lovelock, Steve Carthy and Brenda Stent – and a good time was had by all.

Borrowing a long-distance lake tactic, Barry Todhunter (pictured) spodded out a carpet of feed on Olney’s Ouse.

Then he fished lobworms to land the club’s new bream record, 9-2, pictured by Adam Short. Paul Andrews had a 13lb mirror.

Thanks to the fast developing drought, the Upper Ouse is proving a tough place to find fish in low, weedy conditions, as match results are showing.

Odd good chub are coming out, but captors tend to go all secret squirrell about it.

Tripping to Barby Banks saw Ron Collins top Towcester Vets’ do with 32lb. Brian Beard had 19-10 and Bob Eales 19-8.

MK Vets’ midweek Lodge do went to Mick Harnett, who shot to the top with the help of a 10-8 carp which boosted his weight to 29-8.

Austin Maddock had 27-9 and Paul Chapman 24-12.

Towcester lads Darren Pannell and Mick Goodridge made first and third in Nene’s Castle Ashby Brickyard match with 32-14 and 23-3.

Winning the golden peg pot was a nice bonus for Dave Lewis when he won Calvert’s Itters Pit match with 17-8 of silvers (50 in the first hour). Derek Bishop had 11-6 and Ron Hillier 9-5.

Young Tom Hefferon is following a family tradition by winning yet another Linford sweep (13-4 from Bolbeck Park canal). Ron Dorrill had 10-8 and Mick Hefferon 5-12.

Some 31 turned out for Newport’s first river match of the season. Steve Drakulic won with 9-7 of roach and dace as Myles Phillips had 8-3 and Rob Dzialak 7-15.

Dats, evening league, Tear Drops: Richard Lattimer 6lb, John Hewison 5-1, Nigel Steele 4-6.

Olney, Annual Cup, Ouse: Pete Hawley 4-12. Steve Bull and Steve Glidewell both 3-4.

Fixtures: Sunday, Newport Sherington Bridge open, 01908 210983.