Vince keeps variety the spice of life at Caldecotte

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So the weather outside may be gloom if not doom...but don’t just sit there – plan something different for the warmer months to come!

Short of ideas? Then maybe Vince Ryan is a man to watch.

Living in MK and too far from his Merseyside roots to regularly indulge his passion for seafishing – from a kayak – he needed ways to spice up his local fishing.

As a result it wasn’t too long before, with a little guidance on technicalities from pal John Sutton, he was stalking the banks of MK ‘waving’ a pursuit of carp.

And it worked often enough, producing fish like the chunky Caldecotte carp, to keep him at it throughout last summer.

So far he has had 11 species ‘on the fly’, including pike, and has enjoyed himself so much: “It has become my way of angling life over the past 12 months.”

Maybe it is not the thing for crowded banks – but there are plenty of times when you can have many local banks virtually to yourself.

An MK team is clear leader in the 15-squad Meadowlands teams-of-three following a runaway second-round win, Sunday, in which their Phil Bardell was runner-up with 42-14.

MK Vets’ Linford’s Boatyard canal stretch midweeker saw Ernie Sattler notch yet another win, this time with 7-4. Bob Gale had 4-15 and Colin Chart 2lb.

Fishing in the snow on the Ouse at Buckingham produced another grueller for Calvert as Barry Witteridge won the ‘golden peg’ with 1-11 of bits followed by Dave Lewis on 1lb and Charlie Green 0-8.

If you are 18 or under and fascinated by the bristling perch (most local waters, including the humble cut, currently seem to be crawling with good-sized samples) then you could get an inside track on expertise in catching them. And all for free.

The Perchfishers, a national group of perch fans chaired by local rod Paul Howkins, is offering free membership to the under 18s – a privilege which, specialist newsletters and exclusive trips apart, includes access to some of the most knowledgeable perch-catchers in the country.

Go to to see what it is all about.

Fixtures: Sunday, MKAA individual winter league on river (if not flooded) 07970 047506.