Want to be able to lift 17 TVs? Try this course!

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CITY weightlifter Sean Maloney is hoping to unearth the next generation of potential record breakers with his ‘Jump into Olympic Weightlifting’ course.

The strength and conditioning coach wants people to understand the benefits of weightlifting – not just for the enjoyment of the sport itself, but also because of the advantages it offers most others too.

Sean’s course runs from a private facility in Loughton Lodge on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, and he is inviting anyone who thinks they could be the next Zoe Smith – who set a new British weightlifting record at London 2012 – to give the sport a try.

He said: “Whilst Olympic weightlifting is a sport in itself, it’s also used as a training tool by athletes from all sports. Why? The fact that the Olympic lifts are the most powerful movements in all of sport has a lot to do with it.

“A weightlifter can create well over 5000 watts of energy in a single lift – that’s the equivalent of about 17 plasma TVs!

“It’s more than just pure power though, the lifts require a tremendous amount of flexibility, balance and stability to perform correctly. Olympic weightlifters are surely the most complete athletes in existence.”

For further information, email sean@maloneyperformance.com or visit www.maloneyperformance.com